An unofficial tank.
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The Striker is a Tier 5 tank that evolves from the Hybrid at level 60. Created by Unigravity, adopted by Fall Out Wave.


The Striker appears to be a large Destroyer with an Auto Turret on it. However, such is not the case as the Destroyer barrel is fake! It can't fire any destroyer bullets, instead it fires 2 uncontrollable drones like the Hybrid. To make up for the lack of the Destroyer branch's signature massive bullet, the Auto turret is ridiculously powerful for a turret, having the penetration and damage of a Destroyer and the speed and reload of a normal turret.


Upon upgrading from the Hybrid:

  • Bullet Speed and Reload increase immensely. This is due to it upgrading from Hybrid which has low Bullet Speed and Reload, being a Destroyer branch tank.
  • Recoil is decreased immensely.
  • Max Health and Movement speed are decreased.



Your turret is immensely powerful and can generally gun down everything in its path. However, you might want to put in some points in Max Health as besides the turret and the drones, you have no defensive mechanisms to save you from ambushes. A build with high bullet stats but low Reload and high health works well as the reload is that of an Auto Turret's and not a Destroyer's. The great recoil however is lost, so a ramming build is not recommended.


The Striker has an extremely powerful turret so don't even think of using anything that's doesn't branch off Sniper. The tanks that work best are Ranger and Predator due to their massive field of view. Drone tanks that get lucky can inflict some damage before the turret sees them. The Manager works surprisingly well as neither the turret nor the drones target the Manager's drones. Even if the drones get destroyed, since the turret cannot be overridden, it cannot aim at the Manager even if the Striker knows where it is.

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