Note: This page is home to two distinct tanks, the Striker and the Cult Guard. Since they are practically the same tank, each of the tanks has their own section.


The Striker is a tank that upgrades from the Extender at level 45. It may not upgrade further. Idea by Diepmon.


The Striker has two smaller lances beside one larger lance on the front, and a stout barrel like one of the rear barrels of a Tri-Angle on its back.


This tank possesses a teensy bit of extra recoil with that rear barrel, and it can still charge. If all three lances hit a target, it deals 1.5x damage and the two smaller ones break off and land on the playing field, where they can be picked up by any tank, teammate or enemy and the mechanics are similar to that of a Knight's cleave ability, although it only lasts for two cleaves before breaking. The Striker will regrow both lances after 15 seconds if they happen to break off. Otherwise, if this tank glances off its target, there is no special function that happens or the extra 1.5x damage multiplier.

You want to join the dark side? Well, listen closely because I have some cookies for you... OH HO HO HO!

- The Archprophet

Cult Guard

The Cult Guard is a tank that upgrades from the Striker, but under special conditions:

  • You must have at least 20 Panzer Tokens to buy it. Once you unlock it, it's yours forever.
  • There must be at least one Prophet already present in the server. If there are two or more, it's okay.

If all those conditions are met, you can upgrade to the Cult Guard after upgrading to the Striker. When you upgrade, you are instantly teleported next to the Prophet (if there are more than one, one will be selected at random.)


The Cult Guard has a skull symbol on its black body like a Prophet, however, it lacks a cape. Its armaments are similar to the Striker's, although the two smaller lances are now mounted on Auto Turret circles.


Remember that cleave ability that tanks can use if the Striker's lances break off? Well, now that can't happen anymore. You can cleave in 135-degree arcs in front of both your little Auto Lances with left click back and forth twice, doing the same damage you would do if you were charging. Oh, charging? In addition to a charge ability (which does still does 1.5x damage if all the spikes hit), it can supercharge tanks on the black team that are nearby in a small radius, about 10 background tiles. The ability radius gives a 1.2x permanent multiplier to all upgradable stats, so tanks on the black team simply have to pass through the radius to gain a permanent stat boost.

As for Cult positions, Cult Guards serve as second-in-commands to Prophets and are their bodyguards, so to speak. If a Prophet dies, a Cult Guard will not be selected to become the new Prophet unless it is the last on the black team. There can only be one Cult Guard per Prophet, and multiple Cult Guard effects don't stack. Note that when a Prophet is within a 20 tile radius of a Cult Guard, it gains a 1.5x stat boost instead of 1.2x like other black team tanks. Like all other black team tanks if a Cult Guard kills a non-black team tank, it will join the black team when it respawns and will spawn next to a random Prophet. For information on black team interactions with other entities, see the Prophet page.


  • You may notice that the tank upgrade chart on the Lancer page has the Cult Guard branching off of the Extender and not the Striker, but this is intended (despite it being Tier 5.)
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