The Stuxnet is one of the current Tier 4 final Upgrades from the Overseer. It cannot upgrade any further. This Fanon Conception has been created by the Wikia User Tacocat247, and as thus, this conception does not belong to you. In short, do not steal this conception for your own.



The Stuxnet features a body that is in the shape of a Dodecagon, which, if you are not aware, is a polygon with 12 sides. The Dodecagon itself has a side facing towards the front, and is in the color of the Team you are on. Mounted upon the front is a Cannon, and mounted upon the back is a Spawner that takes the shape of a short barrel that's just smaller than the width of the tank, a slightly thinner Cannon that's about half the length, then a third barrel that's the same length but the same width of the first Cannon. The Back Barrel has the same proportions as the front Spawner of the Factory.

Stuxnet's Firewall

The Stuxnet's back Spawner spawns a Minion that has the affectionate name of "Firewall". The Firewall itself features a body that is in the shape of a Pentagon, which is a polygon with 5 sides. The Pentagon itself has a corner facing towards the front, and is in the color of Stuxnet's body color. Mounted upon each face side of the Pentagon is a Spawner, each Spawner being separated by 72 degrees. The Front Spawner is able to spawn 3 Auto Turret-Drones, whilst all of the other Spawners are able to spawn 1 regular drone.



The Stuxnet's front Cannon has the stats of a Flank Guard, with an approximate 15% Reload decrease. The rear Spawner has half of the reload stats of the Overseer.

Stuxnet Firewall

The Stuxnet's Firewall Automatically Spins at the same rate as the Auto 3 or Auto 5. The Firewall does not follow the player's cursor, but instead moves as if it were a Minion with the player not actively attracting them using the left mouse button. The Firewall has the same stats as a regular Minion, but the health is the same as 3/4ths of an Alpha Pentagon. The Drones of the Firewall have the same stats as an Overseer. The Auto-Drones have an Auto Turret that has the same stats as a Mounted Turret upon tanks such as the Auto Gunner and Auto Trapper, although Bullet Damage and Penetration are halved. Each Spawner on the Firewall has the same reload cycle as on the Overlord, but each Spawner has a delay that makes the spawners cycle around clockwise until every Drone is spawned.


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