Not to be confused with the Hunter, the upgraded form of the Subduer.

The Subduer is a Level 15 tank which upgrades to the Hunter at Level 30. Its upgrade key is U.

Conception made in Beta by Tacocat247.

As the Subduer

Strong Against: Base level Basic/Twin

Weak Against: Basic (Max Level), Overlord, Stalker/Manager/Landmine, Annihilator, Hunter, Booster

Against The Subduer

  • The Hunter can easily outpenetrate the Subduer's bullets.
  • The Overlord and Annihilator can easily outpenetrate the Subduer.
  • Tanks that turn invisible such as the Stalker, Manager, Landmine can use their invisibility to get sneak kills.
  • The Booster can easily ram a Subduer with an appropriate ramming build.


  • Like the Hunter, this is a tank with 2 barrels stacked.
  • If added, this would be the third LVL 15 Tank with 2 barrels and the first LVL 15 Tank with stacked barrels.
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