Sudden Death is a gamemode. Created by Fall Out Wave.

How it works

Most rules of the game are exactly like FFA, but instead of bosses there will be Sudden Death waves lasting for 30 seconds, designed to weaken the strong and destroy the weak.

What happens during Sudden death?

During 30 seconds of Sudden death:

  1. Max Health and Health Regen are reduced to that of a Pentagon.
  2. Bullet penetration, damage and speed are tripled.
  3. Body damage and reload are doubled.
  4. Movement speed is quadrupled.
  5. Maze walls will randomly appear.
  6. Crasher spawn rate is tripled.

Basically anything defensive is diminished and anything offensive is amplified.


This gamemode is designed to kill everything, so the best you can do is be an invisible tank (preferably a Manager) and just sit there and hope that no one sees you. Alternatively, if you want to be aggressive, using any bullet spammer can aid you a lot and will most certainly wipe out a lot of things before you get wiped out yourself.

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