The Supplier is a tier 3 tank that upgrades from the starter tank at level 30, like the Smasher. The Supplier can upgrade into the Vender at level 45.


The Supplier has one cannon that has the same stats as the basic tank. The cannon collects the same amount of XP as any other tank, and functions as a basic tank’s cannon. It does not collect XP for the XP charge. The two radio-like structures collect any shape within 5 blocks of them, multiplying their XP by 4. Half of that XP is given to the Supplier, while the rest charges up the circle in the middle of the square body. Each green oval in the middle circle takes 2000 XP to charge up. The Supplier can select 1 tank and give them from 2000-8000 XP. That tank must be within 4 blocks of the arrow sticking out from the back of the Supplier. The Supplier must wait 5 seconds before it can give another tank XP. On the map, there will be dots pointing towards newly spawned or low XP tanks. This tank will not be available in Survival, Maze, FFA, or any game mode without teams.


The Supplier has a square body like the Necromancer. It has two radio-like collectors. The gray circle in the middle has up to 4 green ovals, signifying the XP charge. There is an arrow on the back of the Supplier. The very bottom picture is a Supplier giving XP to another tank, the Sniper. The outline is a diffferent color in an attempt to make the Supplier look more modern.

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