" generic of a healing tank..."

The Supporter is a Tier 2 tank upgrading from the Tank at Level 15. It is the first of a line of tanks that have healing powers.


The Supporter looks similar to the basic tank, with just one barrel that is the same length. However, this barrel is a bit wider at the top, making it a very thin trapezium.


  • The Supporter gets a significant damage and penetration debuff, but it gains the ability to heal teammates. Please note that this tank can only heal teammates. Attempting to heal anyone who is not the same colour as you will result in you just damaging them.
  • The healing is very simple. For most tanks, your bullets can pass through allied tanks. This is not the case for the Supporter. When you "hit" an ally (including yourself if you can) with a bullet, instead of passing through them, the bullet will heal them as much as it would have damaged an enemy. If the ally you hit has full health, the bullet will pass through them like usual. Ammunition cannot be healed.
  • To make this tank playable in FFA, here's another ability. Whenever this tank does damage to another tank with its bullets, the former will regain health, equivalent to how much damage was done.


  • Strong against: It really depends on skill...
  • Weak against: See Strong against
  • It's not really a class to get you high scores. As the name suggests, this is a support tank. Just heal xD.
  • Oh, also this tank may be playable in FFA, but it's often advised just to stay as a Tank until Level 30, when you can upgrade to amazing classes like the Trapper.
  • I'm sorry this section is so short, there's just nothing to write about.

Did you just say Trapper???

  • Yes.
  • I assume you are familiar with the Trapper.
  • I assume you're wondering how on earth it could possibly upgrade from the Supporter.
  • Well, that is because I suggest an interesting addition to the Trapper branch. Healing powers. All traps will receive a slight damage and penetration debuff, BUT when you or a teammate crash into them without full health, you will damage them and gain the equivalent amount of health. Enemies will obviously be unable to be healed.
  • This may not give Trappers a better kill rate, but it will increase their survivability and usefulness in team modes. Trapper forts will be way more important and powerful. Currently I don't even see many Trappers in Team DM, which is one of the main modes they were made for, so I think this healing addition may change things.


  • The Supporter is so generic of a healing tank and honestly quite boring to write about that I was more excited writing the Trapper paragraph at the end.


  • Anyway, this page was very important because two very important tanks branch of this tank. Well, three, but you know... One of them is the Trapper.
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