The Swordsman is a Tier 2 tank that upgrades at Level 15 from the basic Tank.


The Swordsman has a circular body which holds (a few pixels away) a Sword. The Sword has a square grey handle with cross-guards of the same color. The Sword itself is semi-rectangular with a sharp triangular tip. It's the same color as the tank's body.



Upon upgrading to the Swordsman, the player's Cannon is replaced with a sword, mentioned above. This sword has no Reload whatsoever, very reduced Speed, slightly buffed Penetration, and vastly improved Damage. Any Stats invested in Reload are returned to the player upon upgrading to the Swordsman.

The Sword also reflects 33%, absorbs 33%, and lets through with reduced power 33% of Bullets, Drones, and Traps.


The Sword has unique Controls.

  • Auto-Fire cannot be turned on, as the sword automatically follows the cursor.
  • If the player clicks, the Swords swings at the click point.
  • If the player right clicks, the Sword is thrust at the click point.
  • If the player turns on Auto-Spin, the Sword is held out as the player swings in a fast circle.


Swordsman Frame

As the Swordsman

  • Upgrade Movement Speed to quickly strike players.
  • Avoid Sniper and Destroyer classes. They can damage the player but the player can't damage them.
  • Be aggressive against Drone and Trapper classes. A few slashes of the Sword, and enemies are helpless.
  • If skilled, engage non-focused-fire bullet spammers like the Spread Shot. The sword absorbs most of the bullets, allowing the player to get close enough for a kill.

Against the Swordsman

  • Overseer classes should typically avoid the Swordsman, as should Trapper classes, since the Swordsman can rapidly destroy Drones and Traps.
  • Melee tanks should avoid the Swordsman at all times.
  • Tanks with focused fire (like the Triplet), high-powered fire (like Destroyer-classes), or ranged fire (like Sniper classes) can attack the Swordsman without trouble.
  • Penta Shots and the like should be wary of the Swordsman.
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