TBOO-Y is a hivemind enemy but is usually considered a boss but is a Fanon Enemy made for TBOO-Y. It is a octagon with an auto turret on top. It conceals lots of surprises though... Idea, conception and art by Sentinal94K. DO NOT STEAL.


The screen will flash, and it will appear when the screen becomes grey again. It will then say:

  • "How dare you forget me? You have betrayed me! I will destroy you puny tanks!
  • "This will be a moment you will NEVER forget."
  • "LIARS! You abandoned me in this dead wiki!"

Stage 1

He will flash, and he will spawn copies of himself. All clones have 1000 HP. He will then use one of the following:

  • Clone confusion: He will use his clones to block himself and his name will be erased.
  • Sharpshot: All his drones will shoot you at once.
  • Check this out!: All his drones will shape a tri-angle and will chase you, trying to ram you.

Stage 2

When TBOO-Y has 8 000 health left, he will transition into Stage 2. In addition to the moves in the 1st stage, he will also have these moves:

  • Not good enough for ya?: He will shape his drones into a booster and will try to ram you.
  • Madness. Just madness.: All his drones will start attacking the nearest kill-able entity until it either moves out of sight of is killed.

Death animation

When you've killed him, he will say the following:

  • "NOOOO! STOP!"
  • "I will come back someday!"
  • "You are a UberNOOBS!"

Then, he will crumble into black dust and the player that dealt the last blow receives 1 million EXP.


  • Not very original.
  • Based on the fact that TBOO-Y came back before my very eyes.
  • First proper boss enemy I made
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