TEAS UFF PENZAPPLE are AI-Controlled General Enemies that have a 1/6900 chance of replacing a Tear of Panzer. They are notable for dropping an item used to summon the ERKPEOFET.


The TEA UFF PENZAPPLE looks like a black and yellow tea mug with a Tear of Panzer on it, with an actual Panzer tank (as in the real-life tracked vehicle with a turret) instead of an eye. There's a pineapple inside the mug.


TEAS UFF PENZAPPLE have a 1/6900 chance to replace Tears of Panzer. No enemy will be hostile to them, and they will not be hostile towards any enemy. When they spot a player, they run after it. They can turn very quickly. They drop nothing normally, but if the Archprophet has been battled during the time the Tower of Gladii is open for that Seven Steps of the Sanctum, TEAS UFF PENZAPPLE will always drop SYNTAX ERROR, an item used to summon the ERKPEOFET (anywhere.) Alternatively, if a Lord Sassafras's Palace gamemode has been completed within the last 24 hours, TEAS UFF PENZAPPLE have a 69% greater chance of spawning and have a 566% bonus chance of dropping SYNTAX ERROR for an impossible total 666% chance of dropping that item, making it guaranteed.


The item mentioned above, SYNTAX ERROR, takes the appearance of Helvetica red text saying exactly that in all caps on a transparent background. After the "final" boss of Lord Sassafras's Edifice, the Ballistic Barricade, there is a small crumbling altar near the exit door. Using SYNTAX ERROR on this altar will summon the ERKPEOFET, and make him actually killable if Lord Sassafras has been "defeated" within the last 24 hours.

Otherwise, using SYNTAX ERROR anywhere else, regardless of the completion state Lord Sassafras's Palace, will also summon the ERKPEOFET, but he will despawn after 11 minutes and 6 seconds.

SYNTAX ERROR cannot be used while battling a boss that has a structure, such as bosses in gamemodes, the Polygon Disciples, and bosses with setpieces in the Realm. Attempting to use SYNTAX ERROR in a gamemode or under those conditions will do nothing. However, this does not apply to bosses that wander about in the Realm. For example, if SYNTAX ERROR is used next to Tharea the Shattered, it will immediately spawn the ERKPEOFET and it will attack Thaera (and any other applicable entities) if one of its many AI changes makes the ERKPEOFET aggressive toward such entities.


  • An obvious reference to BOHLDOHR in the Terraria Calamity Mod and everything else related to it.
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