(JOKE CONCEPT: Please don't take this seriously to prevent troubles.)

TankcopTerminator is a Complex Boss you should not really mess about with, unless you got OP weaponry.


TankcopTerminator looks like just a regular Tankcopter, except that there is another rounded rectangle that is long yet not so thin, which is underneath the front part of the helicopter. The rectangle is long enough to have two another Cannons that shoot EXPLODING MINI DRONES (aka Hwacha Drones). Also, a red skull insignia in three-dimensional is on its middle body. It now also has larger


It had the same traits of the original Tankcopter, but with few differences:

  • It can had its flight mode enabled for a minute before landing down. Only requires 10-second cooldown before flying again.
  • It carries UNLIMITED amount of AI enemy tanks. Nothing can take a ride on it, however.
  • The rotor blades deal damage upon contact, even when on flight mode.

As like the original Tankcopter, traps and melee tanks are useless against it during flight mode, as well as having only 20% for other type of ammunition to hit it.


Note: All attacks are randomly used, unless otherwise stated. All attacks can be done no matter the Boss is either on flight mode or not, unless otherwise stated.

Phase 1

This phase will last until TankcopTerminator reaches 50% health.

  • Drone-inate: Shoots down exploding drones. Used often. (Phase 2 buff: Shoots faster for MOAR drones.)
  • Bullet-inate: Shoots down streams of Gunner-sized bullets rapidly. (Phase 2 buff: Bullets are slightly bigger and deals much more damage.)
  • Deploy: Drops out 2 AI tanks, which has random build and can be any tank, including conception tanks, ranging from Tier 1-5. (Phase 2 buff: Drops 4 instead of 2 tanks.)
  • Chasedown: Chases down tanks, in an attempt to deal damage using the rotor blades. Lasts for 5 seconds. (Phase 2 buff: Lasts for 8 seconds, as well as shooting exploding drones while doing the attack.)

Phase 2

After reaching 50% of its health, TankcopTerminator will have its middle part explode, but does not do much on its functionality. In fact, it actually makes it more aggressive, gaining higher Movement Speed and doing more damage, as well as buffing its previous attacks (see Phase 2 buffs), so better be cautious!

  • Orbit: Orbits the target player with a distance, while shooting explosive drones. Lasts for 5 seconds or until the target dies.
  • Bomb Drop: Only in flight mode. Creates a dropbomb shadow on its place, then, after 3 seconds, the dropbomb will show up a bit and explodes, dealing damage nearby.
  • Napalm Drop: Only in flight mode. Same as Bomb Drop, except the explosion creates a burning field, setting tanks on fire if in range.
  • Terminator: Goes really aggressive to the point that it will do all of its Phase 1 attacks at the same time, but without buff.


Upon "death", TankcopTerminator will fly up while having itself exploding multiple times. During this point, it will fly away from the screen and going outside to the nearest Arena border, passing there without being blocked. All players who did at least 10% damage on it receives 50,000 EXP.


Note: If voice is added, all quotes are said in monotonous, robotic voice.


  • "Target location reached. Preparing weapons for tank annihilation process..." (Said after a second since spawning)

Phase 1

  • "Tracking target tanks..." (Said randomly)
  • "Choosing method of destruction..." (Said randomly)
  • "Identifying target weakness..." (Said randomly)
  • "Patrolling location..." (Said randomly)
  • "Target located. Launching infrared missiles for annihilation..." (Sometimes said before using Drone-inate)
  • "Locking missiles towards target..." (Sometimes said before using Drone-inate)
  • "Target located. Preparing non-stop bullet storm..." (Sometimes said before using Bullet-inate)
  • "Target found. Activating bullet barrage point blank..." (Sometimes said before using Bullet-inate)
  • "Backup required. Calling upon support fire..." (Sometimes said before using Deploy)
  • "Deploying special units to assist annihilation..." (Sometimes said before using Deploy)
  • "Target tracked. Initiating lock-down chase operation..." (Sometimes said before using Chasedown)
  • "Target found. Approaching target to start rotor chop annihilation..." (Sometimes said before using Chasedown)

Phase 2

  • "Core system damaged. Triggering emergency attack mode..." (Said upon Phase 2)
  • "Pursuing target tanks..." (Said randomly)
  • "Attempting to annihilate targets..." (Said randomly)
  • "Tracking target tanks..." (Said randomly)
  • "Choosing method of destruction..." (Said randomly)
  • "Identifying target weakness..." (Said randomly)
  • "Patrolling location..." (Said randomly)
  • "This is getting tiring..." (Very rarely said)
  • "Orbiting target tank and launching missiles..." (Sometimes said before using Orbit)
  • "Locking focus onto target..." (Sometimes said before using Orbit)
  • "Blasting ground..." (Sometimes said before using Bomb Drop)
  • "Initiating ground zero attack..." (Sometimes said before using Bomb Drop)
  • "Turning ground into ashes..." (Sometimes said before using Napalm Drop)
  • "Setting location into infernal madness..." (Sometimes said before using Napalm Drop)
  • "Rush attack triggered. Obliterating target tanks in full force..." (Sometimes said before using Terminator)


  • "Core system heavily damaged. Weapon conjunctions disrupted. Initiating emergency retreat plan..." (Said after being defeated, as it flies away from the players)


  • GellyPopTankcopTerminatorProfile

    Gelly's old profile pic depicting the TankcopTerminator's front-side design.

    Tankcopter + Terminator = TankcopTerminator. That's where it started from.
    • Don't ask me why it doesn't look like an endoskeleton tank. It was hard to do that right now, since I have real life things to do first.
    • By the way, if you think so, no, the "Tankcop" part of the name isn't referencing RoboCop. Or at least assume the boss is like a SWAT helicopter that drops off SWAT units on its 'Deploy' attack.
    • Tanknet = Skynet, the source of the Terminators.
  • I would like to include on its design that it actually has red evil-looking eyes on the sides of its head part, as well as another red skull insignias. I rather did not do that, as is a 2D topdown shooter game, and those things will be mostly unnoticed, although I used a profile pic that showed those details before.
  • ...
  • ...
  • ...
  • Kill me for making this.
  • It used to say something like "Hasta la vista, tank" as a reference to the Terminator media itself, but it ended up using custom quotes because it would be hard to match the quotes with its attacks.
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