Team Generals are sort of AI controlled Boss acting as protectors and supporters of a team's base. They can be found in 2 Teams, 4 Teams, Domination, and any other game modes where bases are present. Each General of a team had a name depending on their team's color.


All Team Generals have a circular body with an auto turret on top. On their front is a Machine Gun cannon, overlapped by Gunner Trapper cannons, all overlapped again by a single Battleship spawner. Their left and right sides each also have Battleship spawner. Besides the spawners to the front is a side auto turret, and to back is an Overseer spawner. Their backs are equipped with a Mega Trapper weapon. Team Generals are larger than a level 45 tank, being around as large as Fallen Bosses.


All Team Generals share the same stats, to keep fair between teams. Their weapons' damage is the same as a level 45 tank with maximized bullet stats, making them deadly to fight alone. Surprisingly, they move as fast as a level 8 Tank with maximum Movement Speed. They have 3000 health, making them as strong as Bosses. As previously said, each General have their own name, shown above them and when they killed a player (on Death Screen):

  • Gen. Blutias - Blue General
  • Gen. Redvonian - Red General
  • Gen. Greendel - Green General
  • Gen. Purploseth- Purple General


Team Generals takes similar roles of what Protectors currently do in team games. Protectors themselves now spawn from the Team Generals through the Battleship Spawners, although they still circle around a certain area of a base. Team Generals normally patrols around their Bases only in 2 Teams or other game modes where the Bases are long. In other game modes such as 4 Teams or Domination (where bases are small and perfectly square), they mostly just sit idly in the middle, being revolved around by the Protectors. They may occasionally turn towards players, especially those that are hurt. In fact, Team Generals have the ability to heal tanks by automatically triggering the high-speed health regeneration.

In game modes where there is no particular win condition (2 Teams and 4 Teams), Team Generals only attempt to leave the bases if an enemy tank or a Fallen Boss entered the Protector's detection range. They will use all their weapons to fight said enemy, until either being killed or leaving the range, before returning to their base. Team Generals do not actively fight Polygon Bosses, unless they or their Protectors were provoke first.

In Domination, Team Generals take more active roles. During the server's start, both Generals leave their bases and move towards the nearest Dominator. They will attempt to capture it, while also trying to dodge the Dominators' attack. Note that any Protectors they spawn will not accompany the Generals and will eventually go back to their bases, unless they were spawned while fighting the Dominator, on which they will help, before fleeing back. Once the Dominator that the General had been captured, the General will occasionally patrol around it towards their bases, and vice versa. Both Team Generals do this until one of the teams had captured the other Dominators. Once this happened, the General of the "losing" team will rush towards the remaining Dominator they had and will actively protect it, fighting any enemy tanks they see getting near around the Dominator. The General is always in this state until either the enemy tanks succeed in depleting the Dominator's health, which will cause the General to retreat to its base, or one of the Dominators "far from any base" have been contested and eventually captured by the General's team, which will cause the General to return to its patrolling state.

When a Team General has been killed in any game modes, it would take for it at least 2 minutes and 30 seconds to respawn. They reward 30,000 XP points to whoever managed to deal the killing blow against them. Team Generals cannot be hurt by Arena Closers, but not the Protectors. Neither the Generals nor the Arena Closers also actively fight each other, even after all players are killed after the server closed.


  • Blutias' and Redvonian's names come from the 'Crush the Castle' series.
    • Greendel's name was a simple misspelling of Grendel, a monstrous creature and an antagonist from the Angle-Saxon Beowulf.
    • Purploseth's name, on the other hand, was an original name and not taken from other sources.
  • Team Generals could be considered the equivalent of Base Protectors from, with the difference mainly being mobile and having other types of weapons.
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