The Telepointer is a Level 45 tank that upgrades from the Trailblazer. It may not upgrade further. Idea by Diepmon.


The Telepointer does not have a Machine Gun barrel on its back. Instead, that is traded in for an aesthetic ring around the tank. The lance is still the same length.


The Telepointer, every 15 seconds, can teleport to where it was 5 seconds ago via the "B" button. However, that isn't its true special power. This tank's second ability allows it to place down up to 2 teleporters, which are gray circles with a smaller circle in the middle which is your team color. These teleporters last 60 seconds and you can place them down anywhere, except near (not within Base Protector attack range) or in enemy bases in team modes. The teleporters' lifetime will not begin until both have been placed down. To place down a teleporter, right-click when your tank is over the spot where you want the teleporter to be. You will receive notifications (like the kill notifications) when your teleporters have disappeared (both disappear at the same time because they start their lifetimes when both are placed down.) You and your team can enter these teleporters and be teleported to the other one within a half second. The teleporters are two-way, so you can go back and forth as you please. Enemy tanks cannot go through teleporters, and neither can Spirits on the enemy teams. Enemy ammunition (bullets, drones, traps) CAN pass through, although as usual if they are teleported to a team base that isn't the same color, they will disappear. Polygons and Crashers also cannot use them. The teleporters are slightly larger than the body of a level 45 tank. Teleporters cannot be placed inside or within 10 background tiles of a Fortress. Other players can see where the other teleporter is and it is marked on the minimap for both teams.


  • Basically it's the Warp Drive, but with a team-related mechanic.
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