A formidable foe, i have to say, and what a coincidence too. Made by the guy with the same name as the guy who started the... War... If you could call it that.

The Terminal is the only Polygon Boss made by David, and is technically a generation 2.5 polygon Boss, like Electromagnet, Turntable, Stagner, and Steamboat. Terminal was added on 10/2/2017. Terminal can easily defeat other tanks, with its weapon assortment. Terminal features a huge Auto Triplet Cannon, Four Spawners, and a total of Sixteen tiny Lances.

Terminal can spawn in any gamemode. Even maze.


Terminal features a Brown-Red octagonal body shape, with a Spawner on Four sides, and Four Lances on the other Four sides. On the middle of the body is an Auto Triplet Cannon, as if the setup depicted isn't already terrifying enough.



Terminal is unlike most Bosses, and I mean it. Each weapon has a different unique use, excluding the Auto Triplet Cannon, which is just that; An Auto Triplet Cannon.


The Spawners of the Terminal are different than most spawners. They spawn a combination of Crashers and Disrupters in a Machine Gun fashion.


The Lances are not for decoration, oh no. They have a use. A secondary attack of the Terminal is charging, like the Lancer... Well technically it's like the charging of the Intersection. The Lances not only damage players. but can also completely ANNIHILATE Maze Walls. The Maze Walls do come back together after 1 minute.


The Terminal has 4,500 HP, similar to some other Polygon Bosses. Terminal has the movement speed of a Defender.


  • The funny thing is I have a friend named David in real life, and he made this tank, and since I own a page named David, I just made the connection. I bet if he sees this, he will either laugh, or do something else.
    • He laughed.
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