Territe. The second to last of the Elementals. Only Caelis can match her incredible power, her commanding personality. And even Caelis can sometimes pale before the mighty Territe. Tanks tremble in fear to speak of her, knowing that she is all around. Below them in spirit, around them in body, above them in grandeur. And yet, as they always do, tanks still face her. And do they win? Territe will answer that question herself, as she always has...


Territe, also called Mother Earth, is the second most powerful Elemental in existence. Tiempo himself falls a bit short of Territe's power. If any of the Elementals were to try and usurp Caelis's authority, it would be Territe. And yet, she never has tried to do so. It isn't that Caelis is too powerful, for with the help of the other Elementals, Territe could defeat him. Perhaps it's more that Territe would rather exert her authority in a more covert fashion.

Territe is undoubtedly the most expressive of the Elementals, as well as the most friendly. At first glance, she seems to have none of the slyness of Trapasitis, the pride of Bulletron, the ruthlessness of Dronavin and The Grim Reaper, or the rage of Caelis, but in truth, she has all of those traits and, surprisingly, in even larger quantities. For sorrowful indeed is the tank that makes her angry...


Territe Hammer

Territe's hammer. Get hit at your peril.

Territe has a green triangular body. Her hands are light-green Pentagons. One of them holds her silver-rimmed black shield, which is emblazoned with a lightning bolt as a sign of her allegiance to Caelis. The other grasps her hammer, which is forged out of various shades of green, and topped with a wickedly sharp spike. Her helmet is black and features two large bull horns. She also has a mouth.


Territe Helmet

Territe's helmet. Beware of the horns.

Territe makes the health of every other Elemental (Caelis excepted, of course) seem miniscule. Her body has 180,000 health, added to which is 25,000 HP for each of her hands. All told, Territe has a whopping 230,000 HP. Her 15% resistance to damage provides further protection.

Health Regen is minuscule, to say the least. Each part regenerates 4 Health Points a second, unless she's left alone for two minutes, when it accelerates to 50 Health Points a second. However, this very rarely happens.

Territe carries a heavy spike-topped hammer, with which she doles out massive amounts of damage. The hammer also absorbs 33%, reflects 33%, and lets through 33% of all projectiles. Her helmet provides elite protection, absorbing 60%, reflecting 30%, and letting through 10% of projectiles. Her shield also makes her a significantly tougher target, by absorbing 40%, reflecting 30%, and letting through 30%.

Territe is very slow, moving at about the speed of a standard boss. However, what need does one have for speed when one rules the Earth?

The Fight

Territe Shield

Territe's shield. Note the classic lightning symbol.

Phase 1

After Territe spawns and the spawn message "Mother Earth is prepared to receive you. Ah, but she already has..." is broadcasted, Phase 1 begins. It lasts for two minutes. During this period, Territe prepares her initial attacks from the shelter of the earth.

Phase 2

After the two minutes are up, Territe appears from the ground and starts attacking. The start of Phase 2 is signaled by the message "Earthquake time...".


  • Bash 'n Smash. Territe slams a tank with her hammer. Moderate speed and damage.
  • A Gaping Weakness. Territe brandishes her shield and suddenly, a hole opens up where a tank is. The chasm abruptly slams shut, killing the tank... or keeping it in Territe's clutches forever...
  • Mild Irritation. Territe broadcasts a quote about being angry... and then doubles her movement speed and races towards a group of tanks, helmet lowered and horns ready to skewer them.
  • Welcome. Territe slowly smiles. A few seconds later, the earth rises up impossibly high in a circle around Territe. But the circle is a wide one and traps many tanks.
  • Boulder. Territe creates a hole in the earth out of which a massive boulder comes and rolls straight towards a tank.
  • Rock Shrapnel. Territe slams her hammer into the ground, making a large hole. It also splinters the earth around the whole, sending fast and razor sharp fragments of rock and dirt everywhere.
  • Trap. Territe slams her hammer into the ground, creating a large hole. Tanks who fall into this hole suffer high damage in their fall and cannot escape for several vulnerable minutes.
  • Spiked Trap. The same as the Trap attack, except that the hole is studded with sharp spikes, which deal heavy damage when the tank initially falls and continue to deal light damage. A tank that falls in rarely survives...
  • Trap of No Return. The same as the Trap attack, except that two minutes after a tank enters the trap, it slams shut, killing any tanks inside. This does, however, give the tanks some time to escape.
  • Guarded Trap. The same as the Trap attack, except that the Trap houses some of Territe's minions, who will instantly attack any tank that falls in...
  • Spike. Territe thrusts her hammer, spike first, at a tank. High speed and damage.
  • Strike. Territe does the Spike attack, followed instantly by the Bash 'n Smash attack, both at the same tank.
  • Double Strike. Territe launches first the Spike attack, then the Bash 'n Smash attack, followed by two more usages of the Spike attack, all at one tank or a small group of them.
  • Protection. If Territe endures a significant amount of damage in ten seconds, her damage resistance briefly increases by 10%. This lasts for about ten to twenty seconds.
  • Protection II. If Territe endures a very high amount of damage in ten seconds, she brandishes her shield at the point where the most damage is coming from. The shield during this period only lets through 10%, as opposed to the standard 33%. The shield stays this powerful for between ten and twenty seconds.
  • Protection III. If Territe suffers a massive amount of damage in ten seconds, she raises both hands and summons a wall of thick rock to protect herself. There are thirty rocks, each with 1000 health and each lasts until destroyed.
  • Attack of the Polygons. Territe summons either one hundred Squares, forty Triangles, or ten Pentagons, which spawn directly by tanks giving them a high chance of causing damage.
  • Alpha Catapult. Territe, in just a few seconds, uses her hammer to build a rough catapult. Right after its completion, an Alpha Pentagon spawns in it. The catapult goes into action, hurling a huge Polygon directly at a populated area.
  • Polygon Blast. Territe launches the Bash 'n Smash Attack with her hammer. If it succeeds, bye bye tank. If it doesn't succeed, bye bye tank anyway, for the hammer will suddenly release a swathe of 20 miscellaneous high-speed Polygons at it, enough to knock out most tanks.
  • Polygon Shield. Territe brandishes her shield and it is suddenly bolstered by ten Pentagons, which make it MUCH more resistant to damage and also increase its attack power.
  • Attrition. For two minutes, Crashers begin to stream out of both of the horns on Territe's head. While never enough to outright destroy Territe's tank foes, they certainly wage a fearsome war of attrition...
  • Puncher. Territe summons ten Punchers randomly throughout the Map, which attack when a tank gets within 50 squares.
  • Execution. Territe changes the Arena's mechanics such that for three minutes, Executioners are just as likely to spawn as any other Drone-based enemy.
  • Strike of the Clones. Territe summons a random Clone Drone somewhere on the Map. If it clones enough times, it will come and attack the enemies surrounding Territe.
  • Thrash 'Em. Territe surrounds herself with a dozen Thrashers. From behind them, she launches ranged attacks such as Attrition, while attempting to draw in unwary tanks who get... well, thrashed.

Phase 3

After Territe's hands lose all of their health, she enters Phase 3, after broadcasting the message, "Do not, do not make me get angry..." During this phase, her hands are withered and cracked. They no longer absorb damage, but still launch attacks. Her body has scars and cracks down it, and both her helmet and shield are dented. Also, earth trickles out of a scar in her side.

In Phase 3, Territe uses all her previous attacks, but unlocks some even more powerful ones. He also starts using a repitoire of a few new attacks. As if that wasn't enough, she starts summoning bosses and AI-controled tanks to aid him.

Summoning Order

This is the order in which Territe summons bosses and AI-controlled tanks.

  • Every 2,000 health lost, Territe summons two AI-controlled tanks.
    • There is no particular order to this, Territe just summons two random tanks.
  • Every 4,000 health lost, Territe summons one boss.
    • There is no particular order to this either. The bosses spawn randomly. However, the three following conditions always apply.
    • First, any standard boss can be spawned, but nothing more powerful.
    • Second, any boss that's Polgyon related is twice as likely to spawn.
    • Third, each type of boss spawns just twice.


  • 25 Coming Soon.

The End of Territe

Once Territe loses all her health, she summons a massive earthquake. The earthquake forms a hole in the ground which becomes a land-based black hole. First her shield flies into it, then her cracked helmet, then her broken hammer. All of a sudden, her body splinters into individual pieces of rock and flies down into the hole as the message "Mother Earth shall not leave this victory unrevenged." is broadcasted to all tanks in the server.


These quotes will occasionally be broadcasted to all tanks in the server. They start appearing after Phase 1 ends, but before Territe begins her death throes. Many thanks to Zathsu for adding many of them.

  • I am the mother of this land! Would you really wish to end me?
  • You anger someone who almost matches in power Caelis himself!
  • You won't like me when I'm angry...
  • It's not easy being green.
  • The ground will shake when I drop the hammer!
  • I am the best and worst of the world!
  • You will become one with the soil you were made from.
  • Meddling with me will only destroy you!
  • You will be scalded in the purifying beams of Summer!
  • You will fall and wither away like leaves in Autumn!
  • You will freeze over and melt into nothing like the ice of Winter!
  • You will form and then vanish like the rain clouds of Spring!
  • I am the landlord of this sacred land, and by my power, I consider your time here evicted!
  • Without me this world is nothing. And without, so are you.
  • There can be absolution!
  • I will send you to The Grim Reaper!
  • I control the very ground on which your jelly-like feet stand!
  • I am more solid and unyielding than the stone which I command. You are even more weak and yielding than the sand which I also command!
  • At least your deaths will be quick, though most certainly not painless...
  • You really do not want to make me angry...
  • Go on then, destroy the ground on which you stand. By all means, kill yourselves.


Territe and Ennealis

Territe and Ennealis having "fun" together.

  • The sixth Elemental to be made and the third to be made completely under The Extended Tale of Diep.
  • The first Elemental with "third-gen" images that were made in PowerPoint, resulting a transparent background and superior quality.
    • Before this, Territe briefly had "second-gen" art.
      • Now she, like all other Elementals, possesses "fourth-gen" art.
  • Quotes were added by Zathsu and TheGoldenPatrik1.
  • Territe gets along quite well with the Polygon Disciple of the Nonagons, Ennealis.
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