The Tesla is a level 45 tank upgrading from the Sniper .


The Tesla features 1 triangular cannon at the front that shoots out a short-range lightning-shaped line. The line behaves in a similar way to real lightning, hitting the nearest object in a certain range. The tank has no other features.


The tesla's FOV is similar to that of the sniper. The lightning bullet follows this rule: go forward at random direction ranging from 25 to -25 degrees from the front of the tank. Then, go in a random direction from 25 to -25 degrees from the direction the bullet is facing for 8-12 tiles. Then, repeat step 2. The lightning has a random chance of splitting into two.

Base Stats

  • 250 HP, easily killed with a high-power bullet or drone
  • 3500 Bullet damage, but with a short range of about 40 tiles
  • 1 bullet/second
  • 3500 DPS


As the Tesla:

  • In FFA, stick close to the edge and hunt anyone who comes close.
  • In teams, Pair up with a Pentashot or other high firerate tank.

Against the Tesla:

  • Snipe it with a high bullet damage tank.
  • Use drones to surround it and stay far away.
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