The Tesla is an electrifying concept that upgrades from the Basic Tank at Level 15 and upgrades into the Tesla MkII and Railgun at Level 30


This tank features two Tesla Coils at the end of the tank as well as a Stun Gun in the middle. The Stun Gun is not like an Auto Turret that only shoots at other tanks with in range but instead, it fits flush and moves around with the entire tank.


There are many entirely new mechanics that need to be covered with this tank.

Tesla Coil

Tesla Lightning Bolt Link

The Tesla Coil produces electrical energy that damages outside Polygons or entities.Two or more Tesla Coils produce an electrical bolt that links the two Coils to each other. This electrical bolt can serve as a way to do slight damage to other tanks as well as a barrier that reduces bullet damage and penetration. If the ball on the Tesla Coil is hit, not only will normal damage to the main body occur but the electrical bolt will disappear for three seconds and the ball will turn grey.

Tesla Coil Off

A Deactivated Tesla Coil

The Coil also emits small, steady electrical bolts that act like the drones of the Hybrid and Overtrapper when a Polygon or Entity comes too close. They do minor damage compared to bullets but have no reload as they are a constant beam of electricity. A maximum of 5 bolts of electricity can be emitted from the tank at a time (Not including the linking bolt). All bolts of the Tesla Coil cannot be controlled.

Stun Gun

The Stun Gun is one of the few weapons that don't fire Bullets. Instead, the Stun Gun slowly charges and fires a bolt of electricity. Unlike normal bullets, the electric bolt bounces off of different polygons/tanks (using the algorithm an auto turret uses) after the first entity has been hit. The range is as much as the Sniper but, this gets negated after a certain number of entities have been hit.

For example, the maximum amount of times the bolt can bounce off of an object is three and can be upgraded by bullet penetration. The maximum amount of entities the bolt can bounce off of with max penetration is 10. Also The reload of the Stun Gun is very slow, as it needs to be warmed up before it's fired (Reload is about 5 seconds).

Charged Polygons

One of the unique features of electricity is its chance to change Polygons into charged polygons after they are hit. Sometimes after the polygon is destroyed, its health is reset and Quadrupled and an electrical field forms around it that will deal damage to you in a similar fashion to the Tesla Coil. If multiple polygons are charged in a close proximity, then they will link together with a lightning bolt. Polygons cannot charge other polygons.


As the Tesla

  • Attacking clusters of tanks can be highly beneficial due to its chain attack. Upgrading Bullet Penetration to max is most likely the best course of action.
    • However, if you encounter a cluster of tanks in an abundant polygon field, then your shots will miss the other players most likely, making the special ability useless.
  • Use the pentagon nest to your advantage by trying to create as many charged polygons as possible, as then you can create a chaotic web of electricity, damaging any tank in its proximity
  • Attack Smashers, as the lightning link created by the Tesla Coil will significantly damage them

Against the Tesla

  • Try not to attack it in groups, as the Stun Gun will damage any and all players in its path. Instead, spread out and shoot it in between charges
  • Aim at the Tesla Coil towers to damage the main body fully.
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