Tesselator is a tier 4 upgrade from Trapper. Remember, in my AU/EU, Trapper is tier 2. It may not upgrade any further. Idea by Tacocat247, DO NOT STEAL!



The Tesselator features a circular tank body like almost every other tank. It has a Launcher at the front. The launcher has a triangular notch on it.


The Tesselators Traps are perfect "X"'s.


Upon Upgraded to Tesselator, the traps design is changed, and the Launcher gains a notch at the front. If any tank hits the trap, then it turns into a Basic Tank for 5 seconds. Afterwards, it has an immunity to the effect for 10 seconds. The only exception is the Arena Closer.


  • Trapping Tank that Traps Tanks that turn to Tanks.
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