The Anagram is one of the many Boss Tanks that exist in the Tale of Diep continuity. It is the Boss Tank variant of the Flank Guard. Idea by Diepmon. Integrated and created off ideas by Zathsu.

BGM: [1] - Start Your Engines by Ethan Meixsell


The first of the Knights, he is the infantry of the group and takes pride in being the one who leads the charge.

He is a gold tank with two flags sticking out from his sides and a lance below his front cannon with a non-spinning heptagon base below his body. On his body is a symbol that he shares with the other Knights, which is an arrow pointing down. On his rear, the back barrel is a wider than normal Destroyer barrel with a Streamliner barrel beneath it.


Infantry Charge: Always used as his first attack. He moves forward, charging at high speed until he hits a tank or reaches the border of the map. Upon hitting the first tank, he slashes it with his lance thrice. If he reaches the border, then he turns around and charges at 120% of his original speed. This continues if no tanks have been hit at increments of 20% increased charge speed until a tank has been hit. Also, he is 25% faster than the other Knights in terms of base movement speed.

False Offense: He turns around and starts firing on tanks with his Streamliner barrel, but suddenly fires off a single high-speed Destroyer bullet.

Anti-Heroic: Passive ability. Each time he kills a tank, his attack power goes up by 10% for the next 60 seconds. Yes, the effect does stack.

Raising The Flag: He plants both flags on the ground and they glow blue. Instantly, a random good debuff is given to him for 20 seconds and his lance grows in length by 50%. Immediately, he cleaves the nearest tank to deal heavy damage to it.

Heightened Spirit: He increases his reload by 50% for the next 30 seconds while gaining back a small amount of health (between 100 and 500.) Destroyer shots are fired off that home in on tanks, while Streamliner bullets are sprayed left and right in the back. This total effect (bullets only) lasts for 10 seconds.

Instant Karma: The tank that landed the killing shot gets 20,000 of its points taken away. If that means deleveling it, then it will happen.


  • Some of the attacks are compound in their style, like giving a buff and then attacking.
  • Why is he named the Anagram? Well, a Flank Guard has one barrel in the front and back and an anagram is a word that... you know what? Just forget about it.
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