The Armament is one of the many Sons of Panzer that can spawn in Fortresses in the Extended Tale of Diep. It is the Son of Panzer version of the Dominator. Idea by Diepmon. Integrated and created off ideas by Zathsu.

Technicalities and Design

Spawning and Fighting

This is a unique Fortress Boss. Instead of spawning in its own room, it has a 5% chance to spawn along with another Fortress boss. When the boss fight begins, it mounts itself on a circle connected to that boss (usually on one of the sides without barrels of any kind. If the boss has arms or something like that (i.e. The Prince), it will mount itself on the other side and grow another circle there. However, there are certain bosses it will not spawn with. They are as follows:

Basically any speed-based bosses, magic-based bosses, or bosses that don't have any room on their bodies can't have the Armament along for the ride. Each Armament form has unique health and attacks. When it is destroyed, it explodes and adds an additional 1/5 chance for the main boss to drop a Panzer Token when it is destroyed.

Individual Appearances

All of them have the hexagon base and blue body with a flashing yellow circle on it.

Destroyer: The Destroyer turret increases in length and width to become an Annihilator barrel, and gains two more Destroyer barrels next to it like a Triplet. The ends of those barrels are connected via right triangles to the lengthened Annihilator barrel.

Overseer: Three drone barrels that have drone barrels sticking out of them on three out of four sides.

Trapper: The trap barrel has three progressively smaller barrels inside of it, protruding from the last.

Gunner: The five guns can switch between a spread form like the Penta Shot or a focused form like the Triplet. The bullets are also now the size of Tank bullets.

Assassin: A very long barrel mounted on two progressively smaller trapezoids.


In the case of the Prince, it goes on the side without a lance. With other bosses, it goes to one side of their body. However, there are special cases.

  • With the Bodyguard, it moves into the back in between the Auto Turrets.


Each mode has three attacks. The first is standard behavior, the second is a special behavior, and the third is an ultimate used at 10% health and only once.

Destroyer Mode (3500 health)

Pow Pow: Shoots at tanks, three targets at a time or one target with three bullets. If all three bullets hit a tank, there is no way it will survive unless it happens to have 8 or more upgrade points in max health.

Switch Gear: Starts shooting 50% faster. the bullets are now the size of the largest Predator bullet but have higher penetration in exchange for damage reduction. Lasts for 15 seconds.

Combination Key: All three barrels merge into an enormous barrel which fires an equally enormous bullet that will one-shot anything it hits, regardless of stats. However, this bullet is very slow.

Gunner Mode (3000 health)

Swap n' Fire: Switches between focused and spread mode every 30 seconds and constantly fires at tanks.

Energize: The barrels turn into Streamliner barrels and continue firing. Bullets are small and do low damage, like a normal Streamliner. Lasts for 20 seconds.

Jumpstart: The Armament restores 2000 health to the boss, and the Armament self-destructs. The Panzer token chance is still applied, though.

Overseer Mode (3200 Health)

Manufacturing Line: Constantly pumps out drones like a Fallen Overlord. Limit of 200 and no limited lifetime, but the drones have 75% of the speed of a Large Crasher and its health. The Armament controls the drones, not the main boss.

Hybridize: One of the drone spawners becomes a Destroyer barrel and fires upon tanks while the other two drone barrels start spawning Undead Squares instead (Necromancer drones.) Lasts for 15 seconds.

Defensive Block: All existing drones stick to the Armament like glue and become a barrier that needs to be destroyed to damage the Armament again. Any new drones spawned during this time don't stick to the Armament.

Trapper Mode (2500 Health)

Caltrop Drop: Spawns small traps at triple the rate of a max-reload level 30 Trapper. Per barrel. That means 24 traps a SECOND. They disappear within 3 seconds, though and only have half of their normal health.

Trap Spat: Uses a scaled-down version of the Titan's Regurgitate ability, and spits out 20-25 Gunner Trapper traps in a medium to large area. These traps only do half the damage they normally do but have the lifetime

Traplet: This is used at 30% health instead of 10. The trap barrels split into three sets of four barrels which are the same size and directly next to each other, and continues to use Caltrop Drop.

Assassin Mode (2200 Health)

Rangepower: Has unlimited FOV, so if the boss is on one side of the room it can shoot tanks on the opposite wall. Snipes at tanks with bullet speed 75% of that of an Assassin, but 125% penetration and damage. Bullets also have unlimited lifetime until they hit the Fortress wall.

Powerup: Splits in two and fires smaller bullets with the same, but have bullet speed 125% of those of an Assassin's. Lasts for 10 seconds.

Cross Fold: Fires one unavoidable bullet that deals infinite damage to the nearest level 45 tank, one-hit KOing them if they don't have any status effects (buffs or debuffs). For some reason, it will prioritize Triplets over other tanks. If they do have a status effect, it won't do any damage at all.


  • A boss whose complexity is rivaled only by The Shifter.
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