This is one of the many Boss Tanks that can spawn in Fortresses. It is the Boss Tank version of the Vulcan. Idea by Diepmon.


On its sides, it has two Auto Vulcan cannons with one normal Vulcan cannon on the front. The tank also has a Gunner one oddly small (non-Auto)Auto Turret on top of it, linked to the Auto Vulcan cannons by bandoliers like those on The Soldier. On the rear of the tank, there are two Heavy Auto Cannons like those surrounding the Industrian. Those are also linked to the Gunner Dominator Auto Turret through bandoliers as well. The Gunner Dominator Auto Turret also has a flashing siren. At the front of the tank, directly above the front Vulcan Cannon, there is a Auto Streamliner turret which is also connected by a bandolier.


The Gunner Dominator Auto Turret is always firing on tanks, unless an attack calls for it to be used. The Gunner barrels next to the Vulcan Auto Turrets don't do anything, they're only there for decoration. Since there are a crap ton of Auto Turrets, only one type will be used at a time if not attacking in conjunction with the Dominator turret (Vulcans, Streamliner, Heavy.)

Triple Slicer: The Battilizer fires Tri-Blades from its front cannon, Assassinators from the right cannon, and Green Runners from the right. There are 8 each, for a total of 24.

RPG Engage: The Gunner Dominator Auto Turret on his body changes into a Destroyer Dominator Auto Turret and starts firing off flaming high-speed Bomber bullets. Lasts for 15 seconds.

Bunker: He spews out traps from his rear barrels and retreats behind them, firing on tanks with all 3 of his barrels.

Machine Gun Nest-Literally: He spawns 8 Fallen-colored Machine Guns and Gunners (random amount of each that totals to 8.) and they all concentrate their fire on the largest group of tanks.

Sling Raider: The Heavy Auto Turrets swing around to the front in between the Vulcan Turrets and fire lasers that auto-lock onto one tank. They snatch the tank, and send it flying across the room dealing HUGE damage.

All-Out Pummeling: Often used directly after Sling Raider, where all the guns can point in one direction. The Battilizer focuses all his guns onto the tank with the most points, and unleashes hell on it with 200% boosted reload for 10 seconds! He remains stationary while this happens and doesn't change his aim once he's started firing, so use that chance to get out of the bullet storm as fast as you can.

Devastating Ravager: Used when below 3000 health and only once. The Battilizer swings his three Vulcan turrets so that they are directly next to each other, and in a flash a hexagonal base appears beneath him. Every other one of his guns retracts in to his body and he unleashes hell like All-Out Pummeling, except that this time he aims and bullet damage, penetration, and speed are boosted by 200% in addition to reload, which is now 250% of the norm. This is used for 20 seconds and he can change targets at any time.

Roaring Gunfire: The Heavy Auto Turrets detach to become destroyable tanks, while the Vulcan Auto Turrets do the same. They have the health of an 10-point Max Health Spike, or 360 HP but do not possess any health regen. Once they are destroyed, the Battilizer gains replacement Auto Turrets.


  • This boss's name origin is pretty much random. While brainstorming names, for some reason this word popped up.
  • Holey moley. Lag central.
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