The Daughter of Panzer, Bounty Huntress is a Ultra Boss that normally spawns in Boss Rush gamamode.


Phase 1

She's a yellow Hunter with a green half-transparent visor in the middle. You can see eyes through it. She's yellow for the first time, orange for the second, and purple for the third time.

Phase 2

She now is blue and has two tank arms. One of them has normal tank Barrel. She also has skin-colored area on body that looks like a face. Besides eyes she also has blonde hair.


BGM for fight: (maybe I'll change that)

BGM for Death Sequence:


Phase 1

Note: attacks with * are used only during 2nd and 3rd time of phase 1. Attacks with ^ are used only during the 3rd time.

  • Power Shot: Shoots out a series of normal bullets.
  • Charge Shot: Energy particles will start to move towards the barrel as it glows more. Two seconds later, a Destroyer bullet is shot out.
  • Ice Beam: She shoots some blue bullets that inflict Freezed. Freezed is a combination of Paralyzed and Stunned, but instead of spark particles, there will be snowflakes around it.
  • Plasma Beam^: She will flash green for some time while all of her shots will penetrate through everything.
  • Missile Barrage: Will launch ten "missiles" that can't shoot, but they explode in 8x8 area.
  • Super Barrage*: Like Missile Barrage, but stronger and with 10x10 area of explosion.
  • Morph Ball: Her barrel and visor will disappear, and metallic pattern will appear on her body. She gets huge speed boost and can now use only these attacks:
    • Bomb Deploy: She leaves some traps that explode into eight bullets after 2.5 second.
    • Power Bombs^: Like Bomb Deploy, but traps are bigger and explode in 15x15 are like missiles.
    • Boosting Sphere*: Will start to get more speed over time. After 3 seconds, she will glow red and charge at players like Lancer.
    • Morph Out: Just a change into normal look.
  • Speed Booster*: Like Boosting Sphere, but in normal form.
  • Lock-On^: Her missiles and bullets will home at tanks.

Phase 2

When the health of Phase 1 hits 0, the armor breaks and our huntress does her best in this hard situation!


Phase 2 look.

When her HP in this phase hits 0 againg, she re-enters Phase 1 but with other color.

  • Stun Gun: She shoots Paralyzing shots at tanks.
  • Stuff Throw: She grabs parts of her armor(just random pieces of circle) form her back and throws them at players. It inflicts Stunned.
  • Bash: She charges at tanks and whacks with her barrel.
  • Help!: She summons her Leecher pet to assist her in battle. That Leecher is invicible but it disappears after one minute.
  • Call to Arms: She picks up a some sort of a phone and, well, PHONES. After a while, five gray tanks with purple visors will spawn. They are: two Assassins, two Triple Shots and one Trapper.
  • Energy Restored!: If she isn't beaten in this phase for more than 15 minutes(which is hard) she will automatically enter the next Phase 1.

Death Sequence

After the Armor Phase is beaten three times, this part starts. Screen flashes red and somewhat loud alarm sound can be heard. There's a half minute timer in the top-left corner. The Bounty Huntress flashes light blue and disappears. Exit to next arena for boss in in the right corner. You must go through it and a long corridor with 4-9 Leechers in it. When the timer hits 0:00, arena for Huntress explodes and every tank in it will die and will be kicked from the server. These ones who escape will get the EXP and score.


  • Obviously based off Samus Aran from Metroid series.
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