The Cataphract is one of the many Boss Tanks that exist in the Tale of Diep continuity. It is the Boss Tank variant of the Lancer. Idea by Diepmon. Integrated and created off ideas by Zathsu.

BGM: [1] - Heavyweight by Ethan Meixsell


It looks like a Lancer with two Lancer spikes angled forward, with two guns pointing straight out on each of them. On the front Lancer spike, there is a dark gray shape. On the rear of the tank, there is a rectangular barrel that curves inward on its leading edge.


Supporting Power: Passive ability. At the beginning of the fight, he spawns 4 AI Lancers which rapidly rotate around him that are labeled "Cavalry." These are indestructible and deal immense damage to anything touches them.

Jet Charge: Used as his first attack. The Cataphract charges in and tries to eliminate everything in its path by both sweeping from side to side with its side lances and firing with its guns. This is significantly harder to avoid than other charges due to the danger area.

Negative Attraction: The gun barrels fire on tanks as the Cataphract spawns a bunch of Semi-Crushers from his rear barrel.

Charge!!!: The Cataphract acts like a Thruster and tries to sideswipe tanks while charging into them. Lasts for long periods of time.

Charge II!!!: Zips from tank to tank, dealing damage equal to 1/5 of their max health. Used rarely.

Tanks For Coming, Have A Nice Day: 10% chance to happen instead of the entire fight. The Cataphract becomes Invulnerable, and opens the room's exit. He will then leave by going into a portal instead of fighting. What a nice guy!


  • A cataphract is a form of heavy cavalry. Since they wielded lances, it felt right to give this boss that name. Also need to finish up the last 4...
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