The Conquistador is one of the many Boss Tanks that can spawn in Fortresses. It is the Boss Tank version of the Cartographer. Created by Diepmon. Integrated off ideas by Zathsu.


The explorer of the Sons of Panzer, he set out to conquer new lands that nobody had seen before, seeking polygons and other riches. The whisper of tanks who lived in each land spread before he came, so they gathered up as many polygons as they could and fled. With each land he came to, the Conquistador found nothing. Returning to the Fortress, he swears revenge and vows to kill any tank that stands in the way of the treasure which is rightfully his!

The Conquistador is a rounded square with four Gunner barrels on the back and two shorter-than-normal Lancer spikes set in the front that share a stout trapezoidal base. He also has two drone spawners on the sides without guns or spikes, and a green circle in the middle of the body.


During this entire battle, there is a jail cell in one corner of the room. When the Conquistador uses Capturar, any tanks caught on the lance will be tossed into the cell. When this happens, a tank can come to the cell and break it by damaging it. It has 15 times as much health as a Pentagon. Up to a maximum of three tanks can be in the cell at a time, regardless of their size. Tanks that are inside can't escape until the battle is over or until another tank breaks them out.

Mío, Todo Mío: All Polygons that are currently in the room are drawn toward the Conquistador, and he gains the points collected from those polygons. Any tanks that are too close to him will be drawn in too, and he will kill them if they don't move (this only applies to tanks that have gone AFK near the boss or aren't moving around actively.)

Fuente De La Juventud: The Conquistador fires drones that suck 20,000 points from up to four tanks each. The points are then added to his bounty and he regenerates 200 HP for each tank targeted. If the points subtracted will result in the tank being deleveled, it will happen! This attack is only used once.

Cañones De La Flota: The four Gunner barrels will split in two for a total of eight tiny barrels, and they move to the sides where the drone barrels are. The Conquistador will proceed to fire off the cannons in a rapidly alternating pattern. The bullets are normal Gunner bullets, although they come at you much faster than normal.

Lanza Armada: The lance will increase in size and length significantly, and targets will appear over several nearby tanks. The targeted tanks have about 2.5 seconds to move away before the Conquistador sweeps through them in a single stroke with its lance.

Capturar: The Conquistador will impale a tank on its lance and toss it into the jail cell. This attack won't be used if there are already three tanks in the cell. Otherwise, it is used quite often.

Bordo De La Nave Enemiga: AI controlled Twins, Flank Guards, Lancers, Smashers, Machine Guns, and Snipers will come out of the drone spawners and fire at players. They are much more resilient and much faster, so they are harder to kill. There are two of each kind of AI tank. During this attack, the Conquistador will fire at players using its rear cannons.

Trampas Explosivas: The drone spawners will become trap barrels, and fire out traps on each side. Once there are 50 traps, half of them will explode to scatter the rest.

Izar La Bandera: A flag will be planted down in the middle of the room, and Crashers will start spawning from it. During the 45 seconds, other attacks can be used.

Escindir El Tanques: The lance will lengthen and become thinner, while the Conquistador draws up to half of the tanks in the room close to it. It will then swing its blade back and forth, hitting the tanks. Players receive moderate damage, but this attack will both give the Broken and Paralyzed debuffs for 8 seconds. The Conquistador will fling those tanks across the room and repeat with the other half.


  • All the attack names are in Spanish. This is because the tank's name is the term for a Spanish explorer.
  • This boss fight is unique because of the jail cell mechanic.
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