The Crusader is one of the many Boss Tanks that can spawn in Fortresses. It is the Boss Tank variant of the Paladin. Idea by Diepmon. Integrated and created off ideas by Zathsu.

BGM: [1] - Thor's Hammer by Ethan Meixsell


The main body is a hexagon with gray semicircles on all sides, which have Lancer spikes on top. The body itself has a full-face Paladin mask on top of it, where two glowing red eyes can be seen underneath.


The Crusader's spikes will always do damage when touched and he is immune to body damage along with knockback, like Royale. He takes 2x damage from Destroyer branch tanks, 1.25x from the rest of the Machine Gun branch (excluding Streamliner and Gunner Trapper), 1.5x damage from Hunter branch, Assassin branch, Sniper, and Trapper branch, 0.5x from Smasher and Lancer branch, 0.75x for Mage Branch, and 1x for everything else. This damage multiplier is due to his immense health, which somehow needs to be whittled down. Immune to all debuffs.

Point Strike: All but one of the spikes will point backwards as far as they can go, and he charges forward three times faster than a max-Reload and Movement Speed Booster. Tanks hit will receive the Broken debuff and suffer massive damage. Players have about two seconds to get out to the way before the Crusader charges.

Swishing Spikes: The Crusader moves around quickly, swinging its six lances/spikes around. They increase in length by 50% during this attack, which usually lasts for long periods of time.

Divide & Conquer: The semicircles break off and become AI-controlled Lancer tanks (which are a full circle, by the way) and chase players around. The Crusader will gain a thick hexagonal shell and will stay stationary and be Invulnerable. The Lancers can be destroyed, but their speed makes it a challenge. When all of them are destroyed, he will regrow new spike circles and resume fighting.

Maritime Terror: The front and rear spikes point directly front and back, while the two side spikes on each side move back and forth in unison. The Crusader will begin to pick up speed, and he will impale tanks that get caught on his front or back spike. When that happens, they will receive the Paralyzed debuff and receive some damage.

Circular Cleave: Three spikes will merge into one, while the other three will also do the same. The Crusader spins so rapidly it creates a small vortex. Tanks caught in the vortex will constantly take damage. If they hit either of the mega-lances, they will receive massive damage.

Holy Strike: All of the lances flash bright green, and are sent flying out until they hit the Fortress walls, where they will return. Tanks that are hit are momentarily stunned, although they do not receive much damage at all. Rather, the more tanks that are hit, the more HP the Crusader heals himself for at 200 HP times the number of tanks hit. Tanks can be hit when the lances are being sent out, or when they are returning. If no tanks are somehow hit, the Crusader repeats the attack until that happens.

Crusader's Strike: Five lances and semicircles will retract into the Crusader, and they will all come out to greatly extend the last lance. It will also widen slightly. He will swing it in a circle, and plant it into the ground about 10 tiles away. An enormous bolt of lightning will strike the enormous lance, and it spreads into the ground. All tanks will receive the Paralyzed, Blinded, and Burned debuffs for 8 seconds. This attack isn't used very often and only under 33% health.

Sharpened Blade: The lances will sparkle for a moment, and the Crusader's base lance damage is passively increased by 20%. Usually followed by Swishing Spikes.

Call of the Paladin: A rally horn will blow while yellow particles appear around the Crusader. For 30 seconds, his movement speed increases by 50%, he regenerates up to 1000 health, and any damage dealt is resisted by 50%. Used at 25% health or lower, can be used only once.

Revolution Strike: Each of the lances swish back and forth once in clockwise order going round and round faster and faster (up to 10 times around), and Destroyer bullets are launched from under every 2 or 3 lances (randomly chosen number) in the order they activated. Uncommon attack.


  • This is one of the Boss Tanks that is not based on one of the vanilla tanks.
  • He is the second-most prestigious Son of Panzer, after The Prince.
  • He has the most base health of any Fortress boss.
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