The Dark Knight is one of MANY Boss Tanks that can spawn in Fortresses. It is the Boss Tank version of the Cult Guard. Idea by Kacperlupa.polska. Integrated and created off ideas by Zathsu.


The Dark Knight looks like a normal Cult Guard minus the skull face. Instead of it he has angry red eyes and gray pentagonal mask. On that mask and the lances, there are very dark gray skull symbols.


Battle Track:

Death Animation Track:

Note that all Sons of Panzer share these two tracks among all of them.


  • Dark Sweep: His side lances will move to the sides. He will then charge at players like Thruster.
  • Glare of Shade: The screen will darken a bit, and he will start to look at tanks. Suddenly, he will shoot out the laser made of bullets at one of them. The screen brightness will back to normal after 10 seconds.
  • Dagger Dance: Four big black Lancers will appear near to him and will dart at players. He has Armored until all of Lancers will be destroyed.
  • Shadow Divide: A completely jet black versions of him will appear around him. They have 50 HP and mimic EVERYTHING what he does.
  • Black Barrage: He turns back and shoots out fast missiles (Skimmer bullets) and, occasionally, Annihilator bullets.
  • Broken Seal: Once health his health drops to 50% his mask will break and, for the rest of fight, he has Broken debuff and Frenzy buff. Under the mask there is just a averege tank body with eyes.
  • Scythe of Death: On 800 HP, he goes Invulnerable and teleports to middle of the room. His lance will drasticly grow in size. Then, after short pause, he slashes at 220 degrees around the entire room twice.

Death Animation

The Dark Knight closes his eyes for a moment, before he laughs like crazy while filling with white cracks. Screen turns white when he explodes. After a while the screen fades back to normal as only the side lances are left behind. Seconds leter, they crumble to dust.


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