The Dom-Stroyers, aka the Triplets of Terror, are a boss (or bosses) that spawn in the Polyfort before the Polygon Twins.

The Story

These three might as well have a complicated backstory. Like that would matter. Ok, let's get on with it!

All hope may have been lost for this little Dominator created by an unknown entity, but eventually the "unknown entity", aka Darkmage, came to him and greatly enhanced his powers. Eventually, he came upon his two brothers and, BOOM, before you know it, he was even MORE powerful! He came upon the Polyfort, and didn't know what it was, traveled in, and ALMOST got vaporized! But of course, he came out unharmed, but it had SOMETHING coming with it. Nuclear power had been inside the blast, and two new components grew onto him: The Trapperizer and the Pounder. Soon he was even more powerful, powerful enough that he was asked to become one of the guardians of the Polyfort. Soon enough, him, Trappius and Destroyium, his two brothers, had also been mutated by the nuclear energy and it caused them to grow the same types of components, except they didn't have Trapper and Destroyer components, Trappius had Destroyer and Gunner components, and Destroyium had the Trapper and Gunner components. But all three had hands, which they held swords in. A familiar quote is said by them, and it is unknown what inspires it, but they say: "Our swords must swing, and blood must bleed!" at times. Everyone knew the quote, but they couldn't remember what it was from. Maybe the Darkmage had inspired it? Or had a more powerful entity inspired them to do it....

Trappius - Design

The design of Trappius is a giant Trapper Dominator body with two hands plus two components, the Destroyer and Gatling Gun. One of his hands had become a Trap Launcher over time, and the other had become a Drone Maker. He was good enough at using his hands that he held a sword in the Trap Launcher hand.

The dominator body and components are colored yellow, with armor plating all over.


Trappius, the third and youngest brother, holds the responsibility of the Trapper Dominator for his brothers. Trappius and Destroyium almost always argue about the power they have, and Gattlius almost always settles the conflict. This leaves those two brothers raging in fury, Trappius and Destroyium. Destroyium usually talks about Trappius being too weak for his body, and Gattlius settles all of THAT, and Trappius just sighs, for once wanting to have all three brothers together.

Gattlius - Design

A giant Gunner Dominator body with red armor plating and two hands, each holding swords. Has two tanks on him, one resembling a miniature Trapper Dominator, and the other resembling a miniature Destroyer Dominator.


Gattlius, the oldest and most powerful of the Dom-Stroyers, is the one that settles the conflict among his two brothers. He has held it back, for a thousand years, but he really wants all tanks and polygons to be in peace. He has no choice but to fight, because of his brothers.

Destroyium - Design

A giant Destroyer Dominator body, with green armor plating and a Destroyer Dominator cannon in the middle of it. Has two components on it, the Gatling Gun and Trappermaster. The Gatling Gun resembles a miniature version of the Gunner Dominator, and the Trappermaster resembles a miniature version of a Trapper Dominator.


It's really hard being the middle-aged Dom-Stroyer, even harder when Gattlius keeps telling you to stop over and over again. The second oldest brother, and the one that has life the hardest for him because of him and Trappius constantly conflicting and Gattlius always getting HIM in trouble for it.

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