The Dreadnought is one of the many Boss Tanks that exist in the Tale of Diep continuity. It is the Boss Tank variant of the Smasher. Idea by Diepmon. Integrated and created off ideas by Zathsu.

BGM: [1] - Collision by Ethan Meixsell


The Dreadnought has 12 Battleship spawners, two on each side merged. The body has a spinning hexagonal base that changes its size rapidly as it spins. He is 10% bigger than the other Knights.


Drone Heredity: Passive ability. The Battleship drones created by this boss do not disappear until destroyed, and he is always firing drones out of his 12 spawners. However, they have 50% less health. Don't let them build up!

Fortified Charge: Used as his first attack. The Dreadnought speeds down the hallway, with the Invulnerable effect and Battleship drone spawners retracted. When he reaches a certain point, he extends his spawners and spins his way back into his room.

In Gear: The Dreadnought collects his drones into 6 clumps and sends them after tanks while chasing them down himself.

Great Big Pain: Doubles in size randomly and returns to normal size a second later. Can catch tanks off guard, and if they are hit by him when he expands, they are sent bouncing off the walls and suffer heavy damage.

Haven Protection: Ultimate defense, used only once. At 1/10 health, he retreats into a corner and forms an unbreakable, protective shield while he regenerates 3000-8000 health.

Battletrap: At 35% health, all the compound Battleship spawners split in half and even larger Battleship spawners come out. The small ones continue to produce smaller drones. The larger drone spawners create normal-sized triangle drones.


  • This boss represents both drones and the Smasher branch.
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