Possessing phenomenal power, massive health pools, repertoires consisting of dozens of attacks, and uniquely deadly personalties, The Elementals are a force to be reckoned with, rivaling some of the more powerful bosses in the Extended Tale of Diep. From the scheming Trapasitis to the brooding Caelis, they are some of the most feared bosses around.


The Elementals have been around for eons of time, going all the way back to the early periods of The Panzer Era. The first event of that earliest of eras was, of course, Panzer's creation of The Realm, ex nihil. Directly after this he created The Sons of Panzer, powerful entities to inhabit and rule this new world.

He then began the creation of the actual aspects of the world itself: sky, earth, time, death, bullets, drones, and traps. For reasons inexplicable, he decided to have, for each aspect of the world, a corresponding being that ruled over that element with heavy, although certainly not complete control over it.

The first of these element lords, or Elementals, was Caelis. Panzer fashioned him with his own hands and gave him power over the vast expanses of the heavens. Being the firstborn and also given the most power, he has always ruled the rest of the Elementals and with watching eye and ready lightning bolt, has keep watch over The Realm. Next came Territe, Lady of the Earth, and second in power only to Caelis.

From here, Panzer moved from visible element Lords to element Lords of the invisible. Tiempo, Lord of Time and wanderer of the wastelands of sand, followed by The Grim Reaper, Lord of Death and an entity who all would soon fear. His creation signaled the end of the "superpower" Elementals. To conclude this group of entities, Panzer created Lords of the Weapons: Bulletron for Bullets, Dronavin for Drones, and finally Trapasitis for Traps.

For years after their first meeting, the First Elemental Council, they quietly gathered resources, knowledge, and power, guarding their elements but never intervening in significant fashion. And so their policies were, bit by bit, established: defeat threats to their own power but otherwise stay aloof. These policies were soon put to effect when the tanks staged a rebellion. While the Elementals could have attacked with deadly force, they, in the Second Elemental Council, decided to stick with what they had been doing and to watch the conflict play out. And so the Elementals watched as the Tank Empire was formed, as The Old Era began, as Panzer was sealed away, as the tanks attained dominance. They built their own fortresses and regions, watching impassively as powers rose and fell.

At long last, The Old Era passed away and The Middle Era began. With it came drastic change.


The Elementals are a unique and varied group of bosses, although such a word does them little justice. For these are no normal "bosses." They each have unique personalities that (mostly) complement each other as a whole, and these personalities are reflected in their attack style, abilities, weapons, and residence.

Each of them alone packs an insane punch, easily outclassing any given Event Boss. True, the Event Bosses are powerful, but the Elementals have dozens upon dozens of attacks and complete control over a certain element. Every Elemental has two hands, (Bulletron is the exception, with four) with which they wield highly varied and always potent weapons, ranging from Trapasitis's launcher to Tiempo's hourglass. Weapons aside, they're incredibly tough to kill, due to massive health pools, rugged weapons, and significant resistance to damage.

When players face an Elemental in battle, the first thing they notice is the Elemental's Phase 1. In this first phase of conflict, the Elemental is always invincible, but its behavior varies from personality to personality. For example, Dronavin works out the most efficient and deadly combat sequence possible, while Bulletron attempts to intimidate tanks. After a minute or two, Phase 2 begins and the Elementals attack in earnest, using over 25 powerful attacks. After their hands lose all of their health, while losing none of their functionality, the next phase begins.

This next phased is characterized by increased offensive power, while simultaneously the Elementals begin to fall apart. In Phase 3, they start summoning bosses and AI controlled tanks. They also gain access to over 25 new, even more powerful attacks. Their attack style also changes slightly. The change depends on the Elemental but can include increased anger or decreased riskiness. However, while their power increases, they begin to show the wear and tear of the battle. Bullets fired at the hands will go through them. Some may show other aesthetic changes in their design, such as cracks, rips, tears, and stains.

Upon defeat, they give certain rewards (to be revealed) and cause cosmic changes in their element. The changes vary from incredibly bad to incredibly good, but either way, their death is made known.

The Elementals

Seven game features, seven Elementals...







Grim Reaper

The Grim Reaper.








Trapasitis is the youngest Elemental and Lord of Traps. Because he's young, because Traps are devalued, and because of his conniving, scheming personality, he's frequently discounted by the elder Elementals, making him bitter, even more devious, and highly estranged from his brethren. Still, tanks underestimate him at their peril, for his efficiency is beaten only by Dronavin, while his brain and the complex plans it produces is second to none. Truly, he is a tough opponent to face, due to his difficulty to damage and outwit.


Dronavin is the second youngest and Lord of Drones. Even though young and not Lord of the most powerful feature, Dronavin is one of the most feared, due to his utter ruthlessness, incredible skill, and brutal efficiency. This makes him highly respected by all who fight him and well-liked (or perhaps trusted) by all who know him. Not that he cares. All he cares about is making every move as easily and skillfully as possible, something which he does by a combination of pure talent, rigid discipline, and extraordinary power.


Bulletron is third youngest and Lord of Bullets, Bulletron is a swaggering bully, full of boasts and taunts. But unlike many a bully, Bulletron conceals incredible power and innovation, with dozens of attacks and weapons which he uses with complete mastery. However, Bulletron is easy to influence, from his ever-present jealousy to his sudden fights of blinding and all-consuming rage, rage which makes him risk and tear apart all just to kill one enemy.

The Grim Reaper

Lord of Death, The Grim Reaper is one to inspire terror and awe. He never gets angry, never becomes fearful, never is anything but icy cold, the icy cold of death—cold that sucks away life, love, and all else. Cold that conquers all. As can be assumed, he is the most reserved of the Elementals, almost never associating with the others (the only Elemental he associates with at all is Tiempo, aside from Elemental meetings, which are few and far between). After all, he's quite busy killing off tanks by the hundreds and thousands...


Lord of Time, Tiempo is one of the truly awe-inspiring Elementals. His power challenges even that of Territe and Caelis, although his personality is more mild and aloof. Personality or no, however, ruling time is no joke, as the many victims of his sharp sword and innovative hourglass know all too well. Altogether, fighting him is worse than hopeless. Either you die in the actual battle, or he sets you in a different time to kill later, or he uses his power to defeat you in an earlier age...


Lady of the Earth, Territe is the only female Elemental. She's also the only Elemental to combine the slyness of Trapasitis, the pride of Bulletron, the efficiency of Dronavin, the ruthlessness of The Grim Reaper, and the rage of Caelis. When you add a personality and will like that with complete power over the Earth, you get one of the most powerful Elementals there are. Her power rivals that of even Caelis, although strangely, Territe has never rebelled against his rule.


Caelis is Lord of the Sky and King of the Elementals. With power and majesty he leads the Elementals, but with anger and rage he destroys tanks. His two-sided personality resembles his two-sided Lightning Staff. Both sides, while different, are just as deadly, just as powerful, just as brilliant. May tanks forget it only at their peril, for the ruler of the Elementals is not someone to be trifled with.


  • The original idea was Patrik's.
  • The name (The Elementals) was Diepmon's idea.
  • Many of the quotes are of Zathsu's making.
  • The art of the Elementals has gone through many phases, or generations.
    • "First-Gen" art was made in Google Drawings and consisted of simple shapes, basic coloring, and white backgrounds.
    • "Second-Gen" art was also made in Google Drawings and included gradient coloring and much more advanced/detailed art.
    • "Third-Gen" art was a PowerPoint version of "Second-Gen" that added still better designs and transparent backgrounds.
    • "Fourth-Gen" eventually arrived and incorporated lots of improvements.
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