Template:BossTankThe Engine is one of The Forgottens, and can spawn like a normal boss in any gamemode but Maze or Tag. It has very low chance of spawning. It's a boss version of mysterious Machine Gun II. Created by Kacperlupa.polska.

Spawn Message

"The Forgotten Engine has spawned!"

Death Message

"The Engine was forgotten once more! Killed by [insert player's nickname]"


The Engine looks like a larger, fallen-colored Machine Gun, but it has two spikes on the back sticking outward and War Machine's laser core on top.


Note: The laser pod can attack independently from other attacks, unless it must be used.

  • Flame Spray: Shoots out a lot of bullets that inflict Burning for 5 seconds.
  • Spiky Prison: It charges at one player, then extends its spikes and curves them to circle the prey. Then it fries him/her with laser.
  • TARGET: LOCKED!: Marks three tanks. It gives them Broken debuff for 10 seconds.
  • Pull Pulse: Shoots a thin barrage of weak purple bullets that pull the victim to The Engine. After the tank is very close, it slashes it with its spikes.

    Three tanks fighting with The Engine that uses Flame Spray.

    Blank Clank: Plays a clanking sound effect that inflicts Confused on everyone near to him.
  • Explosion: After death, shoots a ring of small bullets and makes three weak drones.
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