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A struggle for power, as told by the scrolls.

Many are to come, for the bells have tolled.

Fight to the death, or journey as a whole.

Who will witness the tan one's rise?

Because during and after a time of darkness and hate,

swords must swing and blood must bleed...


The three main villains of the Extended Tale of Diep (and the Tale of Diep, for that matter).

All the new classes added with the new Characters system.

The Extended Tale of Diep is an additional massive conception expansion pack of DLCs created by Diepmon, as its name suggests, to The Tale of Diep conception expansion created by Zathsu, with help from Fillygrove/Astra art and concept-wise. Building on the Tale of Diep, this expansion pack includes more story, more bosses, more tanks, and new gamemodes to mess around with and in while still having the flair and themes of the Tale of Diep, despite the ToD itself being discontinued and being replaced with A Tale Where Nothing Matters (ATWNM). However, the main purpose of this conception category is a community project to categorize anything and everything based off the Tale of Diep that is of fairly high and adequate quality.
The following users have explicit permission to edit all pages in the EToD category unless otherwise noted on a specific page:


(Outdated) map of the Realm, showcasing the sixteen new areas added by the Extended Tale of Diep.

  • Completely revamped Characters and base mechanics with an entirely new MMO-style class and discipline system!
  • Reworked bosses from the Tale of Diep, design changes, and so much more!
  • Sixteen new regions to explore in The Realm!
  • Even more achievements!
  • Tens of more tanks and their branches, including over 20 new tanks for the Lancer branch, and even some all-new branches too!
  • New gamemodes in and out of The Realm to explore and do battle in, including Fortress Conquest, Gauntlet of Hesperus, and Lord Sassafras's Palace!
  • Many new enemies to battle, including the soldiers of Sassafras, new Realm Enemies, and so much more (Hesperians galore)!
  • Over 150 new bosses to fight, including the Lesser Sons, the Sassa Club, and MUCH more!
  • Find out the true extent of Sassafras's power as you enter the Realm of Sassafras...

Dun dun dun... (cue epic music as the main Tale of Diep logo appears on screen)

BANG! (The "Extended" word comes slamming down from the top-left, smashing itself into the top-left of "Tale".)

(This next part is said really, really fast.)

Not available to [MG] members or other clans. No purchase necessary. A separate download is required.


The thirteen Polygon Disciples of the Extended Tale of Diep, which adds five more over the existing eight.

The Extended Tale of Diep is actually the collective name for three separate DLCs, as follows:

  • Rise of Hesperia
  • Panzer's Legacy
  • The Expanded Universe

Rise of Hesperia, like its name entails, consists of everything Sassafras related, meaning Realm of Sassafras, Lord Sassafras, the Sassa Club, the High Sassa Council, Sassafras Supreme, IE Energy, and everything else related or that is part of the Sassafras storyline, including its lore.

Panzer's Legacy adds more to the Cult of Panzer in terms of content, with all the Extended Tale of Diep Sons of Panzer, the Knights of Panzer, Fortress Conquest, the Leader of the Fanboys, the Lesser Sons, and the Forgottens. Mostly, it's just new bosses.

The Expanded Universe consists of everything else, from The Elementals and the War Machine III, to new Disciples of the Polygons. It adds several new gamemodes, the revamped Characters system, new Arena tanks, and new Realm landmarks, as well as the expanded Realm as a whole seen in the above image of the Realm in the Extended Tale of Diep.

The other two DLCs are stacked on top of each other. Rise of Hesperia requires Panzer's Legacy, which in turn, requires the Expanded Universe.

Each DLC stack has its own associated server set of the Realm, three in total, including one for the Extended Tale of Diep as a whole (all three DLCs). There is still one server set for the vanilla Tale of Diep game. Also, gamemode servers that do not have any changes between the DLCs and/or the vanilla Tale of Diep are shared between them.

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  • Some of the Extended Tale of Diep content has actually made it into the mainstream ToD, like The Monstrosity. However, things like the War Machine IV will not because they are blatantly OP.
  • Rise of Hesperia totally isn't one big meme.
  • Just because you base your conception off something in the ToD doesn't mean that it's automatically EToD. I have seen many a low-quality conception that is created to go off a subject in the mainstream ToD. The EToD is meant to be a collection of medium to high-quality conceptions relating to the Tale of Diep in any way (or can be related with a few changes), and it's my job to keep it that way.
  • If you desire to remove things from the EToD, please notify me first so that I can adjust other aspects that remain that may be dependent on the things you want to remove.
  • The following users have contributed something to the EToD content-wise at any point(s) in time:

The Tale of Arras is a conception expansion/community project to the ToD & EToD created by Finicks, where aspects of the Tale of Diep are built up in places or new storylines have been created entirely, as sort of a fanon to a fanon to a fanon.