This is one of the many Boss Tanks that can spawn in Fortresses. It is the Boss Tank version of the Thruster. Idea by Diepmon. Integrated and created off ideas by Zathsu.


A Son of Panzer named for his ferocity, he flies fast and hits hard. Panzer himself bestowed the Essence of Flame to this tank, allowing him to control the power of fire.

It has a Sprayer barrel on the back that actually doesn't fire a spread of bullets. It has one long Lancer spike and two average-sized spikes on each side that point somewhat backwards, for a total of five spikes. There is a two-sided Auto Turret atop it that fires bullets in opposite directions.


If the attack doesn't require the front lance moving, the front spike will be constantly opening and closing down the middle, like a bird's beak. The Auto Turret is always active and firing at tanks.

Strafe: The side lances lengthen greatly and move apart slightly. The Falcon flies through a group of tanks and attempts to hit them with its spikes. Usually repeated 2-3 times in quick succession.

Brimstone Pummel: The rear barrels switch to spread mode as the Falcon slowly backs into groups of tanks. Tanks that are hit by the high-penetration bullets receive the Burned debuff for 8 seconds.

Sharpened Beak: The front spike splits in two and recombines quickly while flashing white. Next, it flashes purple and a spike-related attack is used directly after, with its power boosted 40%.

Infernal Saber: The front spike flashes orange and red and gains a red-orange aura around it that flickers like a flame. The Falcon swings it at a tank, targeting it for 15 seconds. If other tanks attack the Falcon at this time, they will receive the Burned debuff for 6 seconds.

Mystical Fire: The rear barrels flash blue quickly. Two seconds later, a flaming blue bullet will fly in from offscreen in a random direction and hit a random area in the room. Tanks that are caught in the flaming area (that has a radius of 10 background tiles) will receive the Slowed and Dazed debuffs, in addition to the Burned debuff.

Falcon Dive: All of the spikes except the front one rotate backwards and the barrel underneath the Sprayer barrel lengthens slightly. The Falcon flies into a corner and suddenly springs toward the opposite corner, dealing heavy knockback and body damage to tanks hit.

Strengthened Beak: All lances rotate towards the front and combine together before coming apart again. After this, it gains the Armored buff for 30 seconds.

Maelstrom: The four side spikes combine together to form two larger spikes which move backwards slightly, and the front spike is rotated onto the back while the gun barrels are retracted. The final look is three evenly-spaced lances around the Falcon. It will then spin to suck tanks in until they are impaled on its spikes. The final part of this attack has the Falcon making a sudden movement to dislodge the caught tanks and send them flying, giving them the Broken and Dazed debuffs for 10 seconds.

Talon Claws: Two of the side lances rotate to the back while the other two rotate to the front. The gun barrels are retracted while the front lance splits in two and one half moves to the back, resulting in two sets of three spikes. These spikes are ejected, while the gun barrels come out again and fire at tanks as they attempt to dodge the repeatedly ejecting spikes.

Early Bird Gets The Tank: One tank has a target over it. If the tank doesn't move out of the way, it's grabbed by the Falcon with its "beak" (when it's opened) and swallowed whole! The tank will then come out the Sprayer barrels but with 30% of its health remaining.


  • Was almost called the Phoenix, due to its fire related attacks. However, that sounded a bit too bird-like and a phoenix is more associated with the good side.
    • Another reason for the name is because of its bird-related qualities and attacks.
  • Also is the third animalistic boss, after The Crustacean and The Wolf.
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