The Grim Reaper is an anomaly in many ways compared to the other Elementals. His true name has been lost to time, so instead, he bears a "nickname", a feature he alone out of the Elementals has. He is the only one without the lightning bolt on his chest to symoblize his allegiance to Caelis. He's the only one besides Tiempo to not summon AI-controled tanks. He's one of the few Elementals to have but one weapon. His recalcitrance utterly transcends even that of Trapasitis, for death has always been and always will be aloof, mysterious, and menacing.


The Grim Reaper is the last of the non-weapon Elementals (also called the First Generation Elementals). His power, though clearly not to be compared to, say, Territe's, is astonishing and his supremacy over the younger Elementals is clear. Very few of the Elementals ever talk with The Grim Reaper besides Tiempo and Caelis and neither are exactly friendly, but then again, neither is the Reaper.

He's never arrogant, never presumptuous, never forward, but simply there. Irresistible. Deadly. Indeed, though not as powerful as some of the other Elementals, he is by far the most feared. After all, he is the one who takes the souls of the tanks when they are killed and he is the one who torments them, but for some reason, he lacks power over the Cult of Panzer and the Polygons. Perhaps the power of Panzer and the Polygon Mother are too much for even him.


Grim Reaper Scythe

The Grim Reaper's deadly scythe.

The Grim Reaper has a light gray body in the shape of a rhombus. His rhombus-shaped hands are dark grey. One of them holds his mighty black Scythe, while the other, along with half of his body, is obscured by his long, flowing black cloak. His expressionless face is slightly shrouded in shadow and is a triangle the same shade of grey as his body (though one probably couldn't tell), covered by a black hood which is a bigger triangle.


The Grim Reaper has a fairly large amount of health: 130,000 Health points for his body and 19,000 for each of his hands. All together, that's 168,000 Health. However, his resistance to damage brings things to a whole new level. His body resists 25% of damage, while his cloak reduces 10%, blocks 15%, reflects 15%, and lets the remaining 60% through with full health. His scythe, too, plays a part, letting 33% through (in reduced form), nullifying 33%, and reflecting 33%. All told, The Grim Reaper is very tough.

Health Regen is minuscule, to say the least. Each part regenerates 4 Health Points a second, unless he's left alone for two minutes, when it accelerates to 50 Health Points a second. However, this very rarely happens.

The Grim Reaper carries a single black Scythe, which he uses these to slash and kill tanks.

The Grim Reaper is fairly slow, but a bit faster than most bosses, having the move speed of a Level 45 tank with one or two points in Move Speed.

The Fight

Phase 1

After The Grim Reaper spawns and the spawn message "Death awaits." is broadcasted, Phase 1 begins. It lasts for two minutes. During this period, the Reaper is invincible and cannot attack. Instead, he roams the arena, silent and very cold, while giving tanks the option to surrender. After all, either way they'll die, right?

Phase 2

After the two minutes are up, the Reaper begins to attack. The start of Phase 2 is signaled by the message "Death cannot be stopped.".


Note: Due to his design, his hands can only be hurt one at a time, except when he launches any attack which requires both of his hands. During those attacks, both of his hands can be hurt. Once one of his hand's health is depleted, he will switch to holding his scythe with the other hand, cloaking his "dead" hand until the other hand's health is also depleted.
  • Slash. The Grim Reaper slashes quickly at a tank with his scythe, lunging as he does. Each hit does large amounts of damage.
  • Slash II. The same as Slash, except even faster but less damaging.
  • Slash III. The same as Slash, except much slower but dealing mortal hits (to ALL tanks).
  • Slice. The Grim Reaper changes his grip on the scythe such that he's holding the very tip, raises it above his head, and then swings it in a great semi-circle, dealing lots of damage.
  • Pickaxe. The Grim Reaper grips the scythe with both hands, raises it over his head, and then, with incredible speed, slams the point at one target, doing well over a hundred points in damage.
  • Slam. The Grim Reaper suddenly extends his arm with great speed, hitting opponents with the top of the scythe, doing medium damage.
  • Boomerang. The Grim Reaper throws the scythe at high speed, doing medium damage, until it arcs back to him.
  • Boomerang II. The same as Boomerang, except even faster but less damaging. Longer range, too. Often used to get retreating low-health tanks.
  • Spear. The Grim Reaper grips the scythe with both hands and holds it at hip height. A spike grows on the top and suddenly he lunges forward, extending the scythe and doing medium-high damage.
  • Javelin. The same as Spear, except even faster, less damaging, and The Grim Reaper will actually release the scythe at the end, letting it travel a good deal more before he summons it back to his hand.
  • Whirlwind Reap. The Grim Reaper grips the scythe with both hands and swings it, doing multiple 360° rotations at high speed. Decent damage.
  • Attraction. The Grim Reaper stares directly at one tank (or a group of tanks) and slightly extends the scythe, drawing 50% of tanks towards it. Each touch does 100 damage.
  • One Step Closer. Every tank on the map loses 10% of their health.
  • Fissure. The Grim Reaper slashes the ground before him, creating a deep fissure that lasts for minutes, absorbing all bullets/traps/drones, and killing every tank that touches it.
  • Hellhound. The Grim Reaper slashes the ground before him, then lifts both hands above him, as hellhounds, large black Crashers similar to the Tears of Panzer pour out of the ground.
  • Bullet Sweep. The Grim Reaper sweeps the scythe in a 180° arc, doing damage and releasing lots of medium-damage bullets.
  • Trap Sweep. The same as Bullet Sweep, just with traps.
  • Drone Sweep. The same as Bullet Sweep, just with drones.
  • Death Ray. The Grim Reaper moves the scythe such that its tip points directly at one tank. A black ray of energy pours from the tip, doing heavy damage with low penetration.
  • Death Ray II. The same as Death Ray, except much less damage, but much more penetration.
  • Hack. The Grim Reaper swings the scythe down on his right side, doing a 90° sweep, then rapidly switches grip and does the same on the other side. Often repeated quickly.
  • Vault. The Grim Reaper sticks the scythe over his head and pushes it into the ground and pushes off of it to give him a heavy speed boost (moving the scythe out of the ground as he does so).
  • Vault Strike. The same as Vault, except that The Grim Reaper moves straight toward one target and swings the scythe over his head, slamming its point straight where they are and doing fairly heavy damage.
  • Aerial Vault. The same as Vault, except that The Grim Reaper goes up and into the air, becoming temporarily invisible/invulnerable. His landing creates a mini earthquake that does 10 damage.
  • Aerial Vault Strike. The same as Aerial Vault, except that The Grim Reaper moves straight toward one target and swings the scythe over his head, slamming its point straight where they are and doing fairly heavy damage.

Phase 3

After The Grim Reaper's hands lose all of their health, he enters Phase 3, after broadcasting the message, "Fools." During this phase, his hands are withered and cracked. They no longer absorb damage, but still launch attacks. His body has scars and cracks down it.

In Phase 3, The Reaper uses all his previous attacks, but becomes even deadlier, through a repitoire of a few new attacks. As if that wasn't enough, he starts summoning bosses to help him (but no AI-controlled tanks, interestingly).

Summoning Order

This is the order in which The Grim Reaper summons bosses.

  • Every 4,000 health lost, The Grim Reaper summons one boss.
    • There is no particular order to this. The bosses spawn randomly. However, the three following conditions always apply.
    • First, any standard boss can be spawned, but nothing more powerful.
    • Second, any Fallen boss three times as likely to spawn.
    • Third, each type of boss spawns just twice.


  • Lightning Slash. All tanks near The Grim Reaper have a lightning bolt briefly emblazoned on their screen. Then The Grim Reaper moves with incredible speed and slashes at a tank or group of tanks, doing medium damage. Virtually unavoidable unless the tank starts moving away as soon as they receive the warning.
  • Lightning Thrust. The same as Lightning Slash, except that the scythe is thrust and at but one player. Damage is increased.
  • Lightning Strike. The same as Lightning Slash, except that The Grim Reaper has 5x Movement Speed and will often launch multiple Lightning Slashes and Thrusts.
  • Double Da Power. The Grim Reaper raises his other hand and out of a hole in the ground comes another scythe. Then for one minute, he launches twice the attacks.
  • Split. An add-on to almost all other attacks, in which the scythe suddenly splits in two, spitting a high-veloicty medium-damage scythe in the same style that the attack itself followed. The new scythe moves for three seconds, then remains stationary for another 30 seconds, then dissolves.
  • Dark Lightning. The Grim Reaper raises his hand at a player and blasts them with a dark grey lightning bolt, doing medium damage.
  • Dark Wind. The Grim Reaper raises his hand at a player and blows them with dark winds, causing light damage and giving him some control over their movement.
  • Dark Cloud. The Grim Reaper summons a dark cloud, which wanders the arena, doing light damage and absorbing weapons. Sometimes, it rains, doing medium damage.
  • Wall. The Grim Reaper lowers the scythe to the ground, then swings it upward in one fluid motion, releasing dozens of scythe copies as it goes. This creates an impenetrable wall of scythes that lasts for twenty seconds.
  • Choke. The Grim Reaper points his other hand at a player. That player will suddenly be unstoppably auto spun.
  • Choke II. The same as Choke, except that the player experiences other bad effects, like various debuffs, reduced stats, random movement, etc.
  • Choke III. The same as Choke, except that the player, instead of being auto spun, loses health, slowing at first and then increasingly fast, until The Grim Reaper suffers 200 damage or the player is killed.
  • Zombie. A player that The Grim Reaper has killed comes back to life to serve him under AI control with twice the health. Tanks like this have blood markings on them.
  • Skeleton. A player that The Grim Reaper has killed comes back to life to serve him under their own control with 1.5x the health. Tanks like this have skull markings on them.
  • Ghost. A player that The Grim Reaper has killed comes back to life to serve him under their own control as a Clone Drone. Clone Drones like this have a ghostly aura.
  • Crasher. A player that The Grim Reaper has killed comes back to life to serve him under their own control as a fleet of Crashers (200 in total). Crashers like this are black.
  • Floodgates of Death. The Grim Reaper raises his hands and the earth opens before him, releasing dozens of Zombies, Skeletons, Ghosts, or Crashers (see above attacks for more info) from the spirits of departed tanks.
  • Cloak Slash. The Grim Reaper dashes towards a tank with x2 speed and turns away at the last second, flicking his cloak at them. This does medium damage and reduces the tank's reload for one minute.
  • Cloak Billow. The Grim Reaper raises both hands while draining 10% of all players health. During this, the cloak billows outward, doing heavy damage and absorbing projectiles.
  • Tandem. An add on to most hitting attacks, in which right after doing the first strike, The Grim Reaper does it again, just much faster and less damaging.
  • Hades. The Grim Reaper raises his hand and out of the earth comes a small building (the size of an Alpha Pentagon), which captures whoever touches it. After five tanks are captured, it goes back below the surface of the earth. Often used to trap players or block projectiles.
  • Hades FTW. The same as Hades, except that all tanks nearby have a 50% chance of being draw toward the building.
  • The Hate of Hades. The same as Hades, except that the weapons of all captured tanks are used to attack/trap other tanks. Any tanks killed this way join the prison.
  • Cannon Hades. The same as Hades, except that an invisible cannon fires at tanks, moving them closer to the building.
  • Drone Hades. The same as Cannon Hades, except that it's a Drone spawner with a fleet of 8 drones.
  • Trap Hades. The same as Cannon Hades, except that it's a standard trap launcher.

The End of The Grim Reaper?

Once The Grim Reaper loses all his health, he slams the ground with his scythe, gouging a deep hole in it. While his body starts shuddering and skulls pop up randomly, he jumps into the hole and it closes behind him as the message "You can't kill death." is broadcasted to all tanks in the server.


These quotes will occasionally be broadcasted to all tanks in the server. They start appearing after Phase 1 ends, but before The Grim Reaper begins his death throes. Many thanks to Zathsu for adding many of them.

  • Killing death itself? Infeasible.
  • My shadow falls over all of you in life and death.
  • Fear is the oldest and strongest emotion...
  • Your souls will be held like puppets on strings.
  • I cannot wait for you to join your future family...
  • I'm more harsh than a knife made of sandpaper.
  • Death is your only promise.
  • There are no happy endings.
  • Don't bother making it special. I'm the last face you see.
  • The apocalypse awakens with me...
  • More souls ripe for the picking...
  • The harvest begins.
  • You will be neatly disposed of.
  • Your new bed shall be the morgue slab.
  • Silence shall fall upon you, and blackness shall consume thy sight.
  • I can feel the chill in the air straight down to the marrow in your spines.
  • The world will hollow as my destiny fulfills.
  • Who shall mourn for those lost in a sea of many?
  • One death is a tragedy. One million is a statistic...
  • You shall all die, so don't even try to resist...
  • I am the absence of light, life, and love.
  • Welcome. I have waited long to meet you...
  • Even the great Elementals fear me.
  • There will be no survivors...


  • The fourth Elemental to be made.
  • Quotes were added by Zathsu and TheGoldenPatrik1.
  • The first Elemental to utilize the "second-gen" Elemental art scheme, featuring more realistic Gradient colors and imported images, all resulting in a vastly higher quality.
    • This was subsequently replaced with the "third-gen" art scheme, made in PowerPoint to have a transparent background.
      • That was subsequently replaced with the "fourth-gen" art scheme. Wait, this is "fourth" gen right?
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