The Guard is one of the Lesser Sons that can spawn near the Fortresses as minibosses. Created by Kacperlupa.polska. Image by Diepmon.


The Guard is a bigger, green Trapper, but his launcher is bigger than it should be, and on his back there's a shield.


  • Caltrop: He will make a wall of Bleeding-inflicting traps that can't be pushed by bullets.
  • Guarding Stance: He stops moving and flashes very light green for 3 seconds. All bullets that hit him for the duration of this attack will boost the size and damage of a next trap he fires.
  • Spread Wall: Shoots a wide arc of small traps.
  • Prison: He teleports behind one tank and makes a trap circle around it. Only used below 50% HP.
  • Surprise!: He suddenly turns back to incoming bullets to block them with his shield on back. Only used below 50% HP.
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