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The Havoc II is a polygon boss added on 10/11/2017. It is based off of The Havoc, a generation 1 polygon boss with 2 different bases. The Havoc II can cause more havoc than the original Havoc.


Magenta Unit

The Magenta unit features a magenta triangular body with an Quintuplet auto turret with 3 Launchers on two of the 3 sides.

Red Unit

The Red unit features a red triangular body with a ridiculously large auto cannon with 2 Spawners on two of the 3 sides.

Both units are connected together by 2 Launchers that end at 2 squares in the middle.


The Auto Annihilator turret has the same stats as 4x a maxed Annihilator and the Auto Penta Shot turret has the same stats as 4x as a maxed Penta Shot. The Launchers have the same stats as a Destroyer, and the Spawners spawn Crashers. The 2 units can target a different enemy. It can do this as the connector can change it's length. The way to defeat the boss is to kill both units, leaving the connector, which turns into an Alpha Pentagon.


  • Inspired by The Havoc
    • Thank you Enigmium.