The Helper is one of The Forgottens, and can spawn like a normal boss in any gamemode but Maze. It spawns only with other The Forgotten. It's a boss version of mysterious "Mounted Turret".

Spawn Message

"The Forgotten Helper joined to [insert other Forgotten's name]!"

Destroyed Message

"The Helper was forgotten once more! Killed by [insert player's nickname]"


The Helper is a next creation of Dr. Lacus. It was designed to attach to other tanks and help them. Nobody knew however that it also controlled its host. One time it gone rough and escaped. Now it appeared and it wants only one thing - to do its purpose!


The Helper looks like a fallen-colored circle with mechanical pattern on its body. Depending of its mode, it has various weapons. In Arena Closer Mode, it gets a spinning hexagon.


It automatically mounts on other Forgotten's top and uses one of its modes' attacks. It can also switch modes.

Triplet Mode

  • Barrage: Shoots lots of bullets that push very far away.
  • Sweep: Its barrels move to sides to look like a Triple Shot, then it shoots.
  • Triple Laser: It makes a solid laser made of bullets that inflicts Slowed for 2 seconds.

Bomber Mode

  • Drone Projectile: It shoots out a black bullet that releases eight drones upon destruction.
  • Flame Grenade: Blasts out few orange bullets that inflicts Burning for 5 seconds.
  • Flash Bomb: Makes black-and-white bullet that explodes in 5x5 area and inflicts Blinded for 3 seconds.

Mega Trapper Mode

  • Caltrop DX: Move stolen from The Guard. Makes a wall of unmoveble mega traps.
  • Barrier: Gives its host Paralyzed and creates durable wall around itself.
  • Launch: It launches several fast-moving mega traps.

Lurker Mode

Note: Only used when mounted on The Bumper.

  • Pull In: Launches its hook at one of the players and lets The Bumper ram into him/her.
  • Pull Out: Cathes a tank and launches it across the map.
  • Crazy Merry-go-Round: Gets one of the players and spins it around the host. After letting it go, the target gets Confused for 5 seconds.

Arena Closer Mode

Only use below 30% of HP. It gets off its host and starts to fight on its own.

  • AIM, CHASE AND DESTROY: Chases players and spams its huge knockback bullets. Used most of the time.
  • ERROR 404, TANKS NOT FOUND: When it can't find any tanks, teleports near to one of them.
  • CRITICAL ERROR, ADDING REINFORCEMENTS: On 10% of health, it creates four gray Arena Closer minions.


  • One of two Forgottens syntheticly created by Dr. Lacus. The other one is The Sentinel.
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