The Hydra is one of the Lesser Sons that can spawn near the Fortresses as minibosses. Created by Kacperlupa.polska. Based off Zathus' ideas. Image by Diepmon.


The Hydra looks like a larger, green Triple Shot, but its barrels' tips have orange eye symbols and "mouths". On back there is one tail-like spike.


  • Corrosive Acid: Will fire several streams of small bullets that inflict Poisoned.
  • Fireballs!: Charges Mage's fireballs in mouths, then tosses them at tanks.
  • Headshot: Will shot out all of its barrels. They will grow out after two seconds.
  • Now with 66% more heads!: After losing 25%, 50% and 75% of his health, it will get two more barrels each time.
  • Deadly Blood: After death, it leaves behind a big reddish puddle that quickly drains HP when touched. Lasts for 5 minuted.


  • It's the first created boss by me.
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