The ICBM is a boss that can spawn in the Stop the Bomb gamemode as the main enemy, or as an Ultra Boss in Ultra Boss Mode. Created by Fall Out Wave.


The ICBM's main body is made of 2 differently sized squares that are a very pale grey, bordering on white. The larger square is the same size as a Summoner. There is a dark grey trapezium that connects these two squares together, and another dark grey trapezium at the rear of the large square, serving as a thruster. There are 2 trapeziums on the side of the large square and a very thin hexagon on top of the same square, which are meant to evoke stabilisers. There is also a nuclear symbol on the smaller square.

The ICBM's main weapon is its 5 Predator barrels mounted on the front of it. These fire like a Predator, but with more Bullet Speed and Reload. The thruster at its rear is always shooting many small pellets that provide recoil for the ICBM, similar to a ram-build Sprayer. Those pellets do no damage, but have high knockback and high Bullet Penetration, leading to a Tank who is behind the ICBM to be launched away very quickly. 2 parallelograms on the central trapezium are actually hatches, and they open to reveal larger versions of the Missiler's missile launchers. They launch Missiles that have 1000 health each, and the ICBM can have 20 missiles active at once. The ICBM also takes no damage from ramming.


ICBM Launch

A just-launched ICBM attacking a Marked in Stop the Bomb.

In Stop the Bomb, an ICBM will launch every 10 minutes. The ICBM will only chase after the Marked. In Ultra Boss Mode, it will simply chase after a single, random target in range, changing targets if it does not land a hit on the current target for 30 seconds. In both game modes, the ICBM will simultaneously unleashes its attacks on all nearby tanks while chasing, mainly focusing on the targeted tank. If it can ram into the targeted tank, it will.

In both game modes, the ICBM has 3 phases. Phase 1 is full health, Phase 2 is 60% health, and Phase 3 is 30% health.

Phase 1

Phase 1 is the initial state of the ICBM when it spawns. It will use the following attacks:

  • Missile Launch: Spawns Missiles, at a rate of 2 per second. This is constantly active unless otherwise stated.
  • Flare: Targets tanks with its barrels and shoots at them like a normal Predator would. The ICBM's missiles will target the tank that is being shot at.
  • Barrier: Requires the ICBM to have all 20 missiles to perform. All missiles start flying in a protective formation around the ICBM, shielding its front and sides. The ICBM is invulnerable in this state and tanks will have to destroy all missiles in order to damage the ICBM, while still having to endure its 5-round Predator fire. The ICBM will not spawn more missiles however, and will only resume spawning when all 20 missiles are destroyed.
  • Barrage: The missile launchers retract into the ICBM's body and it stops spawning normal missiles, but instead its 5 barrels start pumping out Crashers that have 100 health each. Lasts anywhere from 10 seconds to 1 minute.
  • Overload: The Predator barrels retract into the ICBM's body, and the missile launchers fire 3 times as fast. The missile count during this attack is temporarily raised to an unlimited amount. Lasts anywhere from 10 seconds to 1 minute.

Phase 2

ICBM Phase 2

The ICBM entering Phase 2.

Phase 2 is entered when the ICBM loses 40% of its health. The rear segment of the ICBM becomes damaged and detaches from the rest of the boss, while the dark grey trapezium begins firing pellets for recoil. The missile launchers also retract permanently. The ICBM uses the following attacks:

  • (WIP)

Phase 3


Death animation



In Stop the Bomb, there are no rewards for destroying an ICBM.

In Ultra Boss Mode, the player who did the final shot to the ICBM receives 100,000 XP. Players who did 5,000+ damage get 25,000 XP. Everyone else who helped (did 1000+ damage) gets 5,000 XP. Also, 1 damage dealt = 1 XP.


  • This boss began as a boss variant of the Missiler, with an entirely different design.
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