This is one of the many Boss Tanks that can spawn in Fortresses. It is the Boss Tank version of the Rocket. Idea by Diepmon. Integrated and created off ideas by Zathsu.


The reckless Son of Panzer, he always got himself into trouble when he was young. Now, he is a demolition expert that specializes in wrecking... tanks!

The Jet has two overlapping Machine Gun barrels on the back that actually fire in a spread, unlike the Trailblazer. Beside these stacked barrels are two sets of two Gunner barrels pointing southwest and northwest. Above these Gunner barrels are four more larger barrels that resemble those on the rear of the Booster. On the front is a very long Lancer spike that is mounted on a much shorter trapezoidal base.


Any time he misses an attack, he will keep going into the Fortress wall and crash into it. If that happens, then an animation will play with tiny tanks spinning around him, and in about five seconds he will start attacking again. Can be damaged when this happens.

Poke Poke: The Jet will push forwards slightly and attempt to poke tanks randomly. This attack deals low damage, but has high penetration. He will attack 4-5 times in very rapid succession quickly if he manages to hit a tank.

Hyper Cutter: The Jet will fly forwards somewhat slowly, waving his spike wildly (only the spike moves, not the tank) and attempting to hit tanks with it. Tanks that are hit will suffer massive knockback and bounce off the Fortress walls. Imagine one of those scenes in a movie where you have a guy tied to a conveyor belt that is slowly moving towards many sets of swinging blades. You get the idea.

Hailstorm: Gunner bullets are fired from all the gun barrels, while the lance breaks off and chases tanks around when they are trying to dodge the bullets.

Charge: The body flashes purple, and the Jet flies forwards UNIMAGINABLY FAST. So fast, in fact, that you can't even see it. Any tank hit suffers massive body damage and is given the Broken debuff for 20 seconds.

Multiduel: The spike splits in two and breaks off to chase tanks while the main body goes into a corner and fires upon tanks that try to follow it in. Lasts for 20 seconds.

Charge 2: The body flashes green, and the Jet uses its gun barrels to generate an insane amount of recoil. He uses this recoil to chase after tanks and switches targets every five seconds. This behavior lasts long periods of time, but no longer than 2 minutes.

Control: All drone-controlling tanks receive the Blinded and Dazed debuffs for 10 seconds, and all their drones are now controlled by the Jet. Yes, it's an attack that's somewhat ripped off from the Bane of Drones.

Charge 3: The body flashes orange as the spike shortens and widens. The Jet charges three times towards three different tanks, and regardless if he hits them or not, he will then move to one side of the room and in a flash hit every tank VERY close to him with his spike for damage equal to 1/2 of their max health.


  • He is still reckless. So reckless, in fact, that he often rams into the Fortress walls by mistake when trying to target a tank. However, his spike is very resilient so he suffers no damage.
  • Although his visual design is similar to that of The Arrow, I tried to make this boss concept much different.
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