The Lag is a boss tank that can spawn in all gamemodes besides Maze. It has a 1% chance to spawn when an Octo Tank, Auto 5 or Triple Twin is killed. Created by Fall Out Wave.


The Lag looks like a black circle with a solid ring of Gods-know-how-many barrels around it. One of them is shown individually to indicate the front of The Lag.


Phase 1: Full health

Lag: Always happening. Makes the game lag slightly.

Bullet Spam: Spins around and spams bullets like you would expect. The bullets are so densely packed that it will wipe the area around it clean in seconds. However, they cannot pass through traps. This is The Lag's default attack. Lasts for 10 seconds and has a 5-second cooldown.

Black Hole: Sucks players towards it. If players come into contact with it, they will instantly die and The Lag will absorb their current health. Lasts for 20 seconds and has a 10-second cooldown.

Phase 2: 6001 Health

Note: Most Phase 1 abilities can still be used alongside with Phase 2 ones.

More Lag: Replaces Lag. The initial lag doubles.

Concentrated Fire: All barrels turn to face 1 player and all fire at it until it exits range or dies. Used on 5-10 players. It has a targeting range of 2 times that of a Mothership. Lasts for 1 minute at most and has a 2-minute cooldown.

Smash: Retracts all barrels and gains a Smasher shell and the speed of a level 45 Booster with maximum Movement Speed and Reload. Tries to ram into players. Lasts for 20 seconds and has a 3-minute cooldown. After this attack it returns to being stationary.

Repulsion: Sucks in players like Black Hole. However, does not do damage. When 10 players are sucked in, they get blasted out at full force. Anything that hits these players die instantly. Has a 30-second cooldown.

Phase 3: 3001 health

Note: Most Phase 1 and 2 abilities can still be used alongside with Phase 3 ones.

Even More Lag: Replaces More Lag. The initial lag triples. Ends when Final Rage is used.

Drone Barrels: Shoots out its own barrels and uses them as drones. The barrels will regrow. Has a maximum drone count of 50.

Leech Beam: Fires a green beam at nearby players. The beam will damage them and heal The Lag. If this results in The Lag going over 3001 health, it will stay in Phase 3. Same applies to 6001 health and Phase 1. Lasts for 10 seconds and has a 3-second cooldown.

Ultimate Spam: Replaces Bullet Spam. Bullets created have the same size, penetration, and damage as an Annihilator's, but have the speed of a Ranger's. HOWEVER, these bullets cannot pass through traps OR drones. Overtrappers take note. Lasts for 15 seconds and has a 5-second cooldown. WARNING: Lag central.

Backup: Calls in a Guardian, a Summoner or a Defender as backup. Used 5 times throughout Phase 3.

Final Rage: When The Lag is destroyed, it explodes, killing everything in a range the size of an Assassin's view. Players have 5 seconds to get away from The Lag before it goes boom. Explosion range is marked with yellow and black stripes and the word "DANGER".


The player who made The Lag explode gets all the promised XP. All others who participated in battle will get 100000 XP. If players die by the Final Rage explosion, XP will be granted upon respawn.

Warning: Extremely long.


  • Is my first page on this wiki.
  • Uses lag as it's main weapon, unlike most other things I have seen on this wiki.
  • Was originally called The Danmaker, but I figured out that :
    1. Not everyone knows what "Danmaku" is.
    2. The Lag sounded more annoying since everyone hates lag.
  • The Lag now has a MK 2! If this has been killed, there is a 1% chance it will spawn 20 minutes later.
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