Throughout this page, the original Lag will be referred to as MK 1.
Tank 1: The Lag was soooo annoying! Thankfully we killed it.
Tank 2: Yeah, good work teammate!
-20 minutes later-
Tank 1: Oh, an Alpha Pentagon!
Tank 2: Wait...did you hear that?
You will pay for what you did to my brother...
Tank 3: AHHH it's(starts lagging) ss sss sss
Tank 1: I( starts lagging as well) thhhh ooouuug gghttt weeee kill lllledd itt!!

The Lag MK 2 is the brother of The Lag and a boss tank that can spawn absolutely anywhere. It has a 1% chance to spawn 20 minutes after the Lag is killed. Created by Fall Out Wave.


A black circle with a ring of barrels...again....Only these are Annihilator barrels.


Most MK 1 abilities can still be used along with MK 2 ones. The abilities shown below are the new ones introduced in MK 2 form.

Phase 1: Full health

Buzzsaw: Replaces Smash and can now be used in Phase 1. Is now immortal while ramming. Everything it touches now has a special "ripping apart" animation. Lasts for 20 seconds and has a 2-minute cooldown.

Automatize: All barrels convert to auto turrets. Lasts for 15 seconds and has a 15-second cooldown.

Phase 2: 60001 health

Waves Of Eradication: Flashes white for 5 seconds, then unleashes 10 waves of energy (represented as glowing arcs) at nearby players. These waves have infinite penetration and the speed of a Max-speed level 45 Overlord drone. Thankfully, these waves are not homing. Players that are hit receive intense lag for 10 seconds. Has a 10-minute cooldown.

Force Field: Replaces Repulsion. Now has a force field around it. Players that touch the force field will be blasted out like Repulsion. Lasts for 1 minute and has a 30-second cooldown.

Randomize: Change all barrels to other random barrels. Used randomly. Cannot be used during Phase 4.

Phase 3: 30001 health

Air strike: Marks 10 areas with a crosshair. 5 seconds later, the marked areas will glow white and anything in these areas are killed instantly. Has a 25-second cooldown.

Reinforcements: Replaces Backup. Summons in 5 Guardians, Summoners or Defenders. Used 3 times throughout Phase 3 and 4.

Phase 4: 1001 health

ALL THE LAG: Replaces Even More Lag. The initial lag quadruples. Ends when Final Rage MK 2 is used.

This isn't even my final form: Used when Phase 4 is entered. All current barrels become Annihilator ones. Gains a Spike shell, mobility and a top-mounted auto turret with a solid ring of normal tank barrels, like a miniature MK 1.

Cooldown reduction: Halves all ability cooldowns, rounded down.

Mini me: The auto turret detaches and becomes a miniature Lag MK 1 with 600 health. Phase 2 is 400 health and Phase 3 is 200 health. Can use all MK 1 abilities excluding Black Hole, Leech Beam, Backup and Final Rage. The Lag MK 2 will regrow a new auto turret. Used once only.

Doom Radar: Turns all barrels to a single direction as if it were using Concentrated Fire. Then turns on Auto fire and Auto spin. Ends after it has completed 5 rotations. Has a 2-minute cooldown. By the way, the spin is really fast .

Final Rage MK 2: Replaces Final Rage (what did you expect?). The explosion radius is now the size of a Mothership's view but players have 7 seconds to get away.


Same as MK 1. So yeah, if both MK 1 and 2 are killed by the same player then he/she is going to win by a landslide.


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