The Magic Highway is a trio of tanks that work together to defeat a natural enemy: Crackers. They are soldiers trained by Stalemate to attempt to Assassinate Crackers. They haven't found him yet, but they found some workers. The group consists of the Centroid, a Buckshot created by Crackers who revolted, the Circumcenter, a naturally created Trappory that was friends with the Centroid, and the Orthocenter, a Photocopier that was abandoned by his family and found by the group.


The Centroid

The Centroid features a red circular tank body with a specially designed shotgun at the front.

The Circumcenter

The Circumcenter features a Green Trap shaped tank body with a singular Spawner mounted at the front.

The Orthocenter

The Orthocenter features a blue triangular shaped tank body with a specialized printer at the front.


All tanks in the Magic Highway have 1,000 health, which when combined is the normal amount of health. Upon death/destruction, they drops 1,000 EXP, meaning that if a tank kills all three at level 1 somehow, they will be raised to level 45.

The Centroid

The Centroid shoots a cluster of 10-18 bullets with the reload of a Tank. The damage is that of 80% of Destroyers, and it's speed is that of Rangers.

The Circumcenter

The Circumcenter fires Six miniature AI controlled Trappers at the rate of a Factory. The Trapper Tankies have the stats of a maxed out Trapper.

The Orthocenter

The Orthocenter fires like a regular maxed out Sepia, but the main difference is this. If it kills a tank, it spawns one as an AI controlled minion with its exact stats.

How to pacifist

You can pacifist the Magic Highway easily. All you have to do is to shoot at all three of them to get them to follow you, and take them to an Alpha Pentagon. They stop following you, and they all look at the Alpha Pentagon, eventually spinning in delight, and then leaving. You'll see them again against a much larger threat...


  • The reference is to the magic highway triangles have. The Centroid is the center of the triangle, the Circumcenter is the center of the circle around the triangle, and the Orthocenter is the point where the perpendicular bisectors meet. It's called a magic highway because a triangle is the only shape when those points make a straight line.
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