The Massblast is one of the Lesser Sons that can spawn near the Fortresses as miniboss. Created by Kacperlupa.polska.


The Massblast is a bigger blue Acolyte in red "cloth" on it that has three explosion symbols on it.


  • Bomb Storm: Creates eight dark yellow fireballs around it and shoots them at tanks one at the time.
  • Explode-o-Trap: Summons 8-16 traps near it that explode after 3 seconds.
  • Bombastic Shield: Creates eight bright yellow fireballs that have much more penetration(health) and spins them around himself. They won't shoot out unless shot.
  • Pinpoint Blast: One player is marked with red glowing ring arount him/her, and, two seconds later, big explosion occurs in the place where the player was.
  • Power of Trio: Attack shared with The Lightning Lord and The Hellhorn. Summons three Acolytes in red robes and gets Hasty for the rest of fight. Used only once at 30% of HP.
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