Remember that this is based on Zathsu's boss tanks, and this one is part of the fortress system and all of that. Please, check out Zathsu's boss tanks, or I will send the MasterOv Video Thumbnail Boss Tank to your house.

The MasterOv Video Thumbnail Boss Tank (I'll just say MOVTBT for short) started out away from, living in the far reaches in the world of Clash of Clans. However, it was driven out and exiled away from the world of Clash of Clans, and ended up in the land of

The MOVTBT rose up and made a new form, which is displayed on the image to the right, and started to create an army of minions known as the MGs. It began to take over servers, and spread itself around the world, controlling innocent tanks, and forcing them to be slaves of the MG disease.


Plz no... just look at the picture, I am not even going to try to describe that.


  • Fanboy Army: Summons 10-20 MGs, which appear in the form of the Booster, the Gunner, or the Smasher. The MGs attack the lowest level tanks first, and go after the highest level ones last. They will often repeatedly kill the enemies. Though they are powerful in numbers and strength, the AI of the MGs is bad.
  • NEW TRAPPER TANK!!!: Creates a giant wall of high strength Traps, and hides behind it, sniping tanks.
  • Spam: Spams bullets at an extremely fast rate out of all of its bullet cannons.
  • Normal Attack: Fires like you would expect it to do out of its bullet, drone, and trap cannons.
  • Special Effects: Causes explosion and fire effects to appear on the screen, dealing high damage to everyone around them.
  • Clickbait: Clickbait thumbnails chase down players, and insta-kills them. Here is an example of a clickbait thumbnail:


  • Has 25x the HP of an alpha pentagon.
  • First boss tank made by Adasba
  • More of a joke than a real tank
  • Bullets do double normal damage
  • Don't ask me why I ever adopted this.
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