The Mini-Hunter is an upgrade that branches off Tank at Tier 2.

It resembles a Hunter, but it is weaker. It also resembles the combination of two tanks, just like the Twin and Flank Guard. The Mini-Hunter places an extra barrel on the tank and also gives a vision range around half of the Sniper's bonus.


Strong against: Spreading tanks, tanks with low RoF, 1v1 battles

Weak against: High RoF tanks, multiple tanks, machine guns with high penetration, snipers

As The Mini-Hunter

The recommended idea is to fight alone with a weak spreading tank (especially in Free For All) because your focused shots can take them down.

What's also recommended is high bullet penetration builds. The high bullet penetration can allow breaking through other tank's bullets. You can upgrade Reload too as the rate of fire with the high bullet penetration can cause trouble to the enemy.

In any mode that involves teams, it's hard to win against more tanks alone, so the strategy here is to find a lonely tank which is unaware of your presence to allow a chance to win free XP on your hands. Do be careful about any Sniper class, as they can shoot you unnoticeably.

Against The Mini-Hunter

The strategy is to choose any class which involves higher vision boost, like the Sniper. That bonus can allow shooting them without any warning. On 2 Teams,4 Teams, and Tag, fights against the Mini-Hunter with help on your side so defeating them would be easy.

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