The Native is one of the many Boss Tanks that exist in The Extended Tale of Diep continuity. It is the Boss Tank variant of the Shaman. Idea by Diepmon. It is a Knight of Panzer and spawns in the Fortress Conquest gamemode.


The Native isn't a pentagon, like the tank it's based on. Instead, it's a gray circle with one notched barrel like The Trio of Doom. It also has a MASSIVE Auto Turret II (an Auto Turret that looks like a mini Annihilator) on top. On the sides are small gray circles, 12 in total surrounding the Native.


The Auto Turret is constantly firing on tanks like an Annihilator with 10 points in all bullet related stats. It's lethal. Physically touching the Native is ill-advised, as the little gray circles around its body project "flames" that do extremely high damage on impact.

Firestorm: Passive ability. The flame circles occasionally create a ring of fire bullets around the Native, protecting it from damage. The layer is impenetrable and touching it inflicts Burning for 12 seconds as well as medium damage.

Dart Charge: Initial attack. Speeding down the hallway, the Native launches Shaman darts every which way like a Sprayer. The darts have infinite range and increase in speed as they go, and only disappear upon hitting a wall or tank.

Inferno Burn: The Native makes its flame circles have larger flames, and speeds up, ramming into tanks in an attempt to damage them.

Dart Strike: Launches out a volley of darts, about 16-29 of them. Repeated 2-7 times in quick succession. Darts are fast and hard to dodge, getting hit by one inflicts Poisoned for 5 seconds. The effects DO stack.

Conglomerate Barrel: The Auto Turret releases a misshapen bullet, which explodes into a variety of different sized bullets.

Krakatoa: Ultimate attack, used at 10% health. For the rest of the fight, Firestorm is active. However, it does increased damage at the cost of its infinite penetration, so now bullets can pass through with some difficulty.


  • FINALLY FINISHED! This is the last of the Knights of Panzer.
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