NOTE: De-EToD-ification coming soon. New design to less resemble the War Machine coming as well.

The Nightmare of All Polygons is an Event Boss in the Extended Tale of Diep. It can spawn absolutely randomly in anywhere with polygons, and will usually appear in places with higher polygon density. Created by Fall Out Wave.


The Nightmare of All Polygons is positively huge, being 4 times the size of the original War Machine. As an upgraded version of the War Machine (that unfortunately had a horrible defect in its programming that made it bent on destroying all Polygons instead of all Tanks), it is also made up of several components. They are:

  • The Turbine: The core of this thing. Just like any other War Machine, all the other components orbit this. However, if this is destroyed first, the other components will not go after things individually; they will stick together and go after things as one. The Turbine itself has no conventional weapons. It does however have a giant center-mounted turbine that passively sucks in everything at a somewhat slow rate (hence the name). Touching the Turbine is instant death, but Tanks can escape the pull easily if they try. Polygons will be unable to escape their inevitable fate of being shredded in the maw of the Nightmare, as they lack effective means of locomotion (usually).
  • The Medic: As its name suggests, this component heals others. Its outer ring has 4 gaps, where green Factory Drones come out and shoot at damaged components in order to heal them. It is not however without defense; the Factory Drones can shoot at enemies, doing less-than-normal but still reasonable damage. The maximum number of Factory drones is 30.
  • The Ripper: This component is equipped with a massive chainsaw. It will automatically attack nearby polygons with great power, though it won't go after another target until its current one is dead. Thankfully the constantly rotating chain of spikes can dish out some serious damage in a few seconds.
  • The Marionette: Armed with 20 Auto Turrets, 8 on the top and 12 on the side, this component can deal with a whole horde on its own if it has to. The side Auto Turrets function like those on an Auto 5, and the top ones prioritize dangerous targets first like any other top-mounted turret; they can however target different targets.
  • The Shotgun: A Spread Shot-esque component with a whopping 19 barrels in a 180 degree spread. Unlike the Spread Shot however, they fire all at once, creating an arc of pure death flying towards whatever poor Polygon it decides to wipe out first.
  • The Taser: A Tesla bolt that shoots hot, electrical goodness at Polygons to fry them into delicious snacks- OK no, it's actually a Tesla bolt that shoots multiple lightning bolts that can jump from target to target, dealing damage over a wide area. Effective at killing a large area of, say, Squares, but fares less well against singular high-health targets.
  • The Claw: Creative name, I know. This component's main purpose is to grab faraway targets and bring them close enough for the others to kill. It can, however, grab targets and crush them if they are frail enough.
  • The Wrecker: While it may look like nothing more but a satellite dish, this component can fire a devastating laser that pierces through everything while simultaneously doing heavy damage. It takes a long time to charge though, about 15 seconds.
  • The Carrier: Basically just a heavily buffed Battleship. This component functions pretty much the same as one, though it has double the output rate and Partisans that last 10 seconds long.

Initially, The Nightmare only seeks out Polygons, as its name implies. It is neutral to tanks and only attacks them when provoked. Unseen, but around the Nightmare is a huge aura that is the size of about 9 Nightmares. Said aura doesn't really do much to Tanks, but it prevents Polygons from spawning in it. The aura also defines where the Turbine's sucking effect will take place. Once the Nightmare's massive health pool drops below half, it starts to attack tanks, its flawed AI thinking that Tanks are helping the Polygons.

An important note: Anything that's polygon-related is unable to damage this. Necromancers? No. Summoner? No. Phages? No. Even the mighty power of the Polygon Disciples, their Paramarchs, or even The Storm of Fragments deals 75% reduced damage. There's a reason it's called the Nightmare of all Polygons. As for the Polygon Mother, it's unknown what interactions would occur if she were to face it one on one, as she no longer exists.


As a tribute from the polygons to us, all tanks who did at least 1000 damage to The Nightmare of All Polygons will get (200*damage dealt) XP.


  • If this spawns in The Realm and the Storm of Fragments is there, it will immediately start attacking the Storm of Fragments, ignoring all other Polygons. The Storm doesn't even try to fight back. It just runs.
  • This will NOT attack anything Sassafras-related just so Hexen gets infuriated.
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