The Nokiafrasses are a group of Hesperian bosses who function as the Hesperian equivalents of the simple(r) Polygon Bosses in The Extended Tale of Diep. Idea by Diepmon.


There are fifteen Nokiafrasses in total (but only 8 have official art so far, the rest are drawings), each with varying behavior and AI (such a term is applicable in this case since they are sentient robotic Hesperians.) None have a plethora of vastly complicated attacks, but each Nokiafras is vastly different in appearance and has a unique quirk to its battle and/or behavior.

All the Nokiafrasses were created by Cassytha, who will get her own page eventually.

Nokia Sale Event

In-universe, Hesperians use Nokia brand phones for communication when telepathy is inadequate for long-range purposes. Each Nokiafras, aside from being an artificial Hesperian who gathers IE Energy, serve as a mobile cell tower for a certain model of Nokia phone. Despite this, they often disrupt their cell signals when traveling back and forth between the Realm and Hesperia - so changes were made to allow each Nokiafras to support multiple network types to prevent frequent disruptions. (This isn't completely foolproof, however, as the Nokiafrasses often travel together and Hesperian calls may experience a blackout lasting a few seconds on occasion when this happens.)

Normally, the Nokiafrasses can be found wandering around the Realm of Sassafras, passive and able to be interacted with. However, during a Nokia Sale event, in which Nokia phones go on sale and the number of Hesperians who replace their phones drastically increases, 4-8 Nokiafrasses are dispatched to the Realm to increase signal capacity for those Hesperians who go on their IE Energy gathering duties. When this happens, they spawn anywhere in the Realm, excluding Imperium. Otherwise, Nokiafrasses can spawn anywhere else in both the western and eastern Realm.

Nokia Sale events occur at random times, but no more than 3 times a week. When the event occurs, a server-wide announcement indicating as such will be made. Depending on the degree of the sale, the number of spawned Nokiafrasses varies:

  • 20% off Sale: 4 Nokiafrasses
  • 30% off Sale: 5 Nokiafrasses
  • 50% off Sale: 6 Nokiafrasses
  • 75% off Sale: 7 Nokiafrasses
  • 90% off Sale: 8 Nokiafrasses

Nokiafrasses spawn with about 15 Legionnaires of Tier 1-3. Upon defeat, a Nokiafras will disrupt cell service for all Hesperians within 3000 tiles (the cascading network that's supposed to help with blackouts on individual Nokiafrasses doesn't work as well in the Realm,) causing all Hesperians to gain Frenzy for the following 4 minutes until cell service is restored. This includes Legionnaires, so hold off on defeating Nokiafrasses while an Invasion Army event is in progress...

Nokiafras 3210

Nokiafras 3210 is the largest Nokiafras, being substantially larger than the Sassafras Supreme and similar in appearance as well. However, for all his mechanical prowess, 3210 is unbelievably dumb. All software and AI updates have repeatedly failed at increasing his smarts, much to the chagrin of Cassytha. He often fires his weapons on himself and despite how heavily armed he is, more than 2/3rds of his weapons are either broken or malfunctioning. His (also artificial) Minions are likewise extremely dimwitted and are plagued by the same shortfalls that 3210 suffers from.


3210's battle is relatively straightforward - players find him and defeat him. He acts like a normal Sassafras but doesn't babble as much as he fires his weapons. Only up 1/3rd of his weapons will always be functional - if 3210 tries to fire others, he will end up doing damage to himself or the weapon will simply not fire.

Due to the self-harming nature of 3210, if players attack him and stay within his aggro range, 3210 is likely to end up killing himself without player intervention besides the first attack. He spawns mindless Sassafras Supreme minions but gray, and he has a maximum of 6 minions. Unfortunately, there is a 20% chance for a Minion to come out malfunctioning and behave erratically, attacking anything in sight and losing its health pool of 400 HP at an alarming rate before exploding, damaging anything around for medium damage(including 3210 and other Hesperians.)

Nokiafras 6101

Nokiafras 6101, apart from distributing cell service, also runs the email network for Hesperia (Hesperians are substantially more technologically advanced in comparison to the rest of the civilizations in this universe.) If 6101 is defeated for any reason, nothing happens to the email network, because 6101 manages it (it's not within his body.)


6101 is quite fast and has more complicated behavior than a standard Sassafras. 6101 moves around players rather quickly, firing bullets from his barrels towards them if he can. 6101 will strafe next to larger groups of players greater than 3, but chase down players if they are in pairs or by themselves. It is not advised to chase 6101 because of the rocket flames that extend while he is charging around, in addition to his fast speed. The flames inflict Burning upon contact for 4 seconds.

6101 turns while charging, but he often will make wide arcs at high speed instead of turning. On occasion, however, he will screech to a stop and blast off in a different direction if the situation calls for it (if a player gets out of his aggro range and/or if he needs to seek out a new target.)

6101 can block attacks completely with his Inbox Shield, regardless of type. He exchanges it from left to right and front to back according to where players are currently dealing the most damage to him. However, this defensive strategy is only effective on one of his sides, as the other side is still open to attack.

Nokiafras 3410

Nokiafras 3410 is a heptagonal Nokiafras who has an abundance of heavy weaponry. Unlike other Nokiafrasses, 3410 is completely immobile without the help of other Hesperians to move him (as in a CoS based design that might never exist, the lower half of his body was amputated and he somehow can't be brought to regenerate it with IE Energy.)


3410 spawns immobile with 40 Legionnaires, all Tier 1 and 2 with the exception of 2 Tier 3 commanders, unlike the normal 15 Legionnaires usually relegated to a Nokiafras upon their dispatch. These Legionnaires help 3410 move around, with 10-15 pushing him in directions he points them in. If players or hostile Realm Enemies are sighted, some idle (or remaining) Legionnaires will break off and attack only if provoked. If a player hits a pushing Legionnaire, all Legionnaires will immediately break formation and begin attacking, with about 10 staying behind to defend 3410. Thus, 3410 can't be soloed for those seeking a challenge until the Legionnaires have been defeated.

3410 himself functions as an immobile weapons platform, very similar to a Dominator with an abundance of weapons. He can rotate on the spot, however, and his top-mounted turrets have a 360-degree area of attack, forcing players to use kiting techniques to pull away the more dangerous weapons (all Auto Turret-type weapons) while other players attack. Complicating this is 3410's rear trap launchers, which he uses to build a wall of traps around himself while spinning. He also has a good deal of health, making him one of the more hassling Nokiafrasses to take down.

Nokiafras 3220

3220 is a small triangular Nokiafras who is quite powerful defensively. With the ability to see from a great height with his telescoping eye, 3220 literally has his eye in the sky at times. Unfortunately, this serves little purpose in close-quarters combat, as 3220 can't see what's directly around him from extreme heights.


When idle, 3220 moves around slowly, looking around. If a player provokes him, he starts chasing them, Legionnaires in tow. He can launch lasers with pinpoint precision for high damage at players within 50 tiles, and can produce up to 100 Battleship drones that disappear after 8 seconds. To compensate for his low health, 3220 has six reflexive shields on his body occasionally bounce back ammunition that hits them, reflecting them off 3220 harmlessly.

Nokiafras 3310

3310 is a rather large Nokiafras, about the size of the Sassafras Supreme but much more defensive in behavior. His large eye gives him a massive sight range, so he can prepare in advance if players are seeking him out. As a Nokiafras, his cell signal has an extremely long range, and upon defeat, will cause all Hesperians within 5000 tiles to gain the Frenzy effect, instead of 3000 like the other Nokiafrasses.


3310 will see players long before they even catch sight of him, due to his 350-tile aggro range. However, 3310 will not begin attacking until players are within 50 tiles of him. Beforehand, 3310 will start laying down a circle of traps, remaining stationary until players arrive.

When truly in battle, 3310 tends to stay in a general area, spinning to lay a dense trap wall around him with his 24 launchers. He uses his turrets, which fire fast, large bullets with high range, to target players. 3310's battle is more like a stationary, defensive Sassafras without Minions than anything.

Nokiafras 3510B

3510B is one of the two Nokiafrasses who distributes services for model 3510. He is oddly at odds with 3510A, which is for the better because the congruent frequencies they emit would cause considerable interference if they were in close proximity to each other.


3510B fires high-speed bullets from his Dual Auto Sniper Turrets with a fire rate of 4 seconds. He spins slowly while moving around, and often focuses all four barrels on one side onto a single target. 3510B tends to prioritize a single target closest to him over large groups of players, and will put distance between himself and such groups.

Nokiafras 3510A

Nokiafras RinGo


  • The Nokiafrasses are the brainchild of FallenBooster, known as KoleOBlack (Kot32) on Discord. He's also the co-dev of at the time of writing, here: [1]
  • Each Nokiafras is based on a possible color scheme of a Nokia phone model by the same name.
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