The Orb is one of The Forgottens, and can spawn like a normal boss in any gamemode but Maze. It spawns only with other one of its group. It's a boss version of mysterious "Ball".

Spawn Message

"The Forgotten Orb joined to [insert other Forgotten's name]!"

Destroyed Message

"The Orb was forgotten once more! Killed by [insert player's nickname]"


The Orb was an ancient ball full of power. It could help any tank by giving its power to other tanks. However it was too powerful, so it was broken into pieces, but even this couldn't stop this - the fragments returned to themselves over and over. Now, it detected that some other tanks was banished, so it wanted to help them.


The Orb looks like larger, fallen-colored "Ball", but it pulses with energy and there are, umm, indentations that look like eyes.


  • Escaping Energy: Passive effect. Every five seconds nearby tanks lose 5% of their health.
  • Get Well: It heals nearby boss by 250 HP. Often used two or three times.
  • Motivate: Nearby boss gets Frenzy for 8 seconds.
  • Bastion: It and nearby Forgotten will get Armored buff for 20 seconds.
  • Stun Beam: Blue beam is fired from it and its ally with "Bastion" in direstion of players. The beam inflicts Paralyzed and Stunned, and also it deals small damage.
  • Heritage of Power: After death, it gives nearby Forgotten Frenzy, Hasty and Invulnerable for 30 seconds.


  • Bastion and Stun Beam attacks are based off Taric's skills from League of Legends.
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