This is one of the many Boss Tanks that can spawn in Fortresses. It is the Boss Tank version of the Illusionist. Idea by Diepmon, made by Fall Out Wave. Integrated and created off ideas by Zathsu.


The Pretender is a red Illusionist, but half transparent. Simple.

Imitation Mechanics

When the Pretender is first seen in its Fortress, it doesn't look like the Pretender described. Rather, it can be any other Son of Panzer, but it will be half-transparent and may occasionally distort like a hologram (maybe because it is?). When attacked, the Son of Panzer will distort and disappear, revealing the Pretender and starting the battle.

For every 2500 health lost, the Pretender will distort and turn into another random Son of Panzer, and use that Son of Panzer's attacks for 1 minute. Then it will turn back into its normal self. The Pretender's clones (see below) will also turn into that Son of Panzer, but are still killed in 5 hits and are still summoned every 10 seconds.


  • Hallucinations: Passive ability, always active. Every 10 seconds, summons 4 clones at random positions around the Pretender that do EXACTLY what the Pretender does, and the clones take 5 hits to destroy, always. Ammunition can only deal damage once to them before disappearing.
  • Power Direct: Unleashes chain lightning that can jump to up to 8 tanks like a normal Illusionist. Used 5-10 times in quick succession.
  • Disruption: Creates static that covers the screen for 30 seconds and is only 50% see-through, disrupting the player's vision.
  • Offensive Distort: Changes the class of 10 random tanks. Builds remain the same unless Smasher branch.
  • Clone Cloak: The Pretender's clones turn invisible and act independently from the actual Pretender who just sits there and is Invincible. For the duration of this attack, the clones act on their own, have 2000 health and can be damaged multiple times with 1 bullet. They will not respawn until all of the clones are destroyed, after which the battle returns to normal.

Death Animation

The Pretender drops it's current disguise (if it hasn't already) and starts distorting as if the Pretender itself was a hologram. Then it disappears completely and a very bright flash of light is released from where the Pretender was standing. After the flash disappears, all that is left is a pile of dust that sparks with electricity.

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